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How long can the grafting eyelashes last?

Eyelash is thick, roll become warped is what every female friend wants, grafting eyelash technology can lengthen the time to maintain eyelash roll becomes the warped effect. Grafting eyelash technology can keep the eyelash curling effect for a long time. Not only does it maintain good makeup in a lot of conditions, but it also saves a lot of makeup time. For these reasons, eyelash extensions are also very popular among female friends, and how long it can last after the eyelash grafting is completed. This is also a concern of many female friends.

Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions are the latest technology. It is to connect the false eyelashes to the original eyelashes. The desired length and density can be achieved. How long it takes to graft the eyelashes depends on the way the grafting is done. Different grafting methods also have different time. Grafting eyelashes must also look at the quality of their own innate eyelashes. If the eyelashes are thick and curled, do so. The effect is the best. After grafting, the eyelashes are not only thick and curled, but also added a lot, and they feel very comfortable.
Eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions can last for about four weeks, because grafting eyelashes are glued to the original eyelashes with glue, making the eyelashes thick and curled. The short hold time may depend on the viscosity of the glue becoming worse and causing the eyelashes to fall off during daily activities so that it can last for up to one month, and if it is well protected, the time may be longer. In daily life, you can also do some protective measures yourself. For example, wipe it twice with a wet wipe every day. Do not use any beauty eyelashes to easily cause the eyelashes to fall off and go to a regular body. Because the grafted eyelashes are very close to the eyes, you must go to a formal beauty hospital to do the grafting of the eyelashes. If you do not do well, it will cause the eyelashes to fall off. If the eyelash glue is unqualified and unsanitary, the damage to the eyes is not measurable.