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How long does it take to repair the eyelash after grafting

Many girls want to make themselves more beautiful, but many girls are not particularly satisfied with their makeup. Many girls are more beautiful, maybe some girls have found a kind of method is to make her become more beautiful. Nowadays, many girls are satisfying their vanity through makeup. In the present, makeup can make a girl become more confident. There are also many girls in the present. I choose to decorate myself through makeup and make myself more beautiful, but they have done it, and they have become more beautiful. Nowadays, many girls can decorate themselves through cosmetics. There are a lot of cosmetics in the market today. If you want to make a makeup better, you still need to choose a cosmetic that suits you. Because there are more cosmetics on the market, there are many choices in the current selection. Girls are not choosing a cosmetic that suits them, so you can choose a better cosmetic for you through the introduction of professionals so that you can make makeup better. At present, many girls are I like to put on makeup. There are a lot of steps in makeup. No matter which method is used for makeup, it is necessary to make makeup according to the formal procedure. At the moment, I believe that the makeup friends are very focused on eye makeup, because the eye makeup is very important. False eyelashes should have been heard by everyone. There are a lot of eyelashes. For example, if you want to graft eyelashes, it is one of them. Let's talk about how long it takes to repair after eyelash extensions.

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At present, false eyelashes can better help us to modify the eye. Nowadays, there are many girls who are more beautiful. Grafting eyelashes can better modify false eyelashes. Eyelashes are a very important part. Nowadays, people choose to use grafting technology to decorate their own eyelashes. I believe everyone knows. Some questions about grafting eyelashes are being debated by many people. In fact, eyelash extensions have advantages and disadvantages. At present, women who choose to graft eyelashes are generally female friends. They are very demanding on eyelashes. If they want to better display their eyelashes, they can only choose to graft eyelashes. Of course, it is very convenient to graft the eyelashes, because the beauty of the eyelashes is so powerful that many people can try the eyelashes.

However, grafting eyelashes is not long-lasting. After a period of time, false eyelashes will naturally fall off. At this time, you need to go to the eyelash shop to make false eyelashes, but women have a lot of questions. I don't know how long it takes to go to the beauty eyelash shop to make up false eyelashes. After you graft the eyelashes, the general beauty eyelashes will recommend that the customer goes to the store for repair in about 2 to 3 weeks. This will also leave some intact artificial eyelashes, remove some long and falling or messy eyelashes, and then add some new eyelashes, which can also be restored to the state just grafted. At present, there are many women who don't know much about the current eyelashes. Most people are not willing to fix them.

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The main purpose of repairing eyelashes is to keep the eyelashes safe and beautiful. The persistence of eyelashes varies from person to person, in order to better reduce the burden on customers' costs (in each store) The price of eyelash repair is very different.) Now mainly to shorten the grafting time, because there is no need to remove the eyelashes in good condition. For some customers who often perform eyelashes, they can repair it once every 1 to 2 weeks. The first grafting customer can go to the store to fix it after 1 week.

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Some customers who have a slower cycle of eyelash replacement or are not easy to fall off can also make up later. After 3 weeks, the number of drops will be more, and basically there is no shape. If you need to maintain it well, In the original state, it is best to fix it 2 to 3 times a month. The following conditions are needed to repair the eyelashes! The eyelash extensions are almost the same; the eyelashes are long and feel particularly uncomfortable; the direction of the eyelashes after grafting has changed; some local shapes have to be replaced (eg Lengthen the eyelashes at the end of the eye, etc.); The grafted eyelashes are broken or the grafted eyelashes are dirty, the grafted eyelashes begin to whiten, and some of the adjacent eyelashes are glued together. In these cases, it is necessary to repair the false eyelashes in the beauty eyelash store.