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How long does the false eyelash last? What is the maintenance procedure?

Everyone has a beautiful heart. The only thing that is not congenital is that we plant ourselves in the future. How long have the false eyelashes lasted? What is the maintenance procedure for false eyelashes? Long false eyelashes after 80/90 are very common. How long does the false eyelash last? What is the maintenance procedure?

How long can false eyelashes last:

This type of eyelashes is not a lifetime. It is time sensitive. It has almost lost its original effect in a few weeks. Many people later found that their eyelashes became very weird. This is a part of the false eyelashes falling unevenly. Yes. Usually one month, maybe three months. And we can't always have long eyelashes, but it causes a certain amount of trouble. Therefore, when planting eyelashes, you must choose a good quality beauty salon.

What are the maintenance steps for implanting false eyelashes:

Try a non-oily cleansing lotion that easily penetrates into the adhesive area. Each time you use a makeup remover or an oily makeup remover, it may cause premature detachment of the transplanted false eyelashes. When beauty lovers use their own cleaning products, it is best to check the exposed ingredients. If you have mineral oil and other ingredients, it is best not to use them. When washing your face, don't put a burden on your eyelashes. Don't rub your face when you wash your face. Do not rub your eyelashes. You should use your fingers to clean or avoid the eye area horizontally from the top of the eyelids. You can also choose to clean the circle.

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After washing your face, if you dry the transplanted false eyelashes with a cotton towel, it is best not to wipe the water with a towel after washing your face, because the fibers of the towel are particularly easy to stick to the eyelashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off. If you need to dry your face after the eyelash transplant, it is best to gently press the eyelids from above with a sterile sanitary napkin and then dry the water.

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Although not permanent lashes, good care can be a long time!