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How much do you know about false eyelashes?

Beauty is the nature of every woman. Not every woman has a big electric eye. I want to improve the imperfections of my eyes. false eyelashes are an indispensable beauty project that will make you beautiful. Instantly have big eyes, become beautiful, have God. So, how much do you know about false eyelashes? Let's take a look today.

false eyelashes

According to the material, it can be divided into fiber eyelashes, animal eyelashes and real eyelashes. The effect of different materials on the eyelashes is different. Synthetic eyelashes come in a variety of styles and are inexpensive, but due to the material, the eyelashes themselves are heavy and it is easy to crush the real eyelashes after wearing, resulting in poor water absorption. Animal hair has different softness and hardness due to the selection of different animal hairs. Human eyelashes are the best eyelashes for makeup and use. They are used for high-eye fit and blend with real eyelashes to make the eyelashes look thicker and more delicate after makeup. There is God.

According to the material of the eyelash stick, it can be divided into a braided rod and a transparent rod. The material of the eyelashes is different, and the fit of the eyes after makeup is also different, giving different comfort levels. Weaving eyelashes is made by placing the eyelashes on the flat bars and arranging them. Because the eyelash hardness is better, the shaping effect is better. Suitable for the inner eye. It looks like the eyes are bigger and more radiant, but because of its hardness, the comfort is very poor. Transparent eyelashes are made by attaching eyelashes to the stems of the fishing line. It is natural and generous because it is transparent, but it can't be worn.

false eyelashes

In fact, each person's eye type is different, and the choice of false eyelashes should focus on matching the shape of their eyes to create a perfect eye effect. For girls with big eyes, it is more suitable for long eyelashes at the end of the eye, while girls with slender eyes are more suitable for long eyelashes in the middle of the eye.