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How much do you know about the small knowledge of false eyelashes?

Who doesn't want to show the best in front of someone you like? More and more people are pursuing beauty, so they are more and more interested in beauty. Sticky false eyelashes are a method. So, as a beautiful you, a little knowledge of false eyelashes, do you understand? What is the result of sticking false eyelashes? The little fairy with curly eyelashes is always enviable. In the entertainment circle, Kunling and Angela Baby are famous for their long eyelashes and big eyes. But as an ordinary person, we can also expand our eyes by attaching false eyelashes. However, it is worth noting that when attaching false eyelashes, you should choose an eyelash patch that suits your eye shape to fully expand your eyes.

fake eyelashes
False eyelashes also have an important effect, which is to change the shape of the eye. It’s amazing, right? Its principle is to correct the imperfect eye shape with a black cotton thread false eyelash sticker. This is why many net red sisters like to use fake eyelashes!
The last function of the false eyelashes can make these five features more three-dimensional. The shape of the eyelashes will make the little fairy look like a Barbie doll. Like the rumored actor's eyelashes is the essence of an eyelash. Although Huo Jianhua is a man, his long and thick eyelashes make his five looks more three-dimensional, his temperament becomes colder!
fake eyelashes
How to remove false eyelashes? A little fairy who doesn't use false eyelashes will definitely have questions: Is it difficult to stick eyelashes? Difficult to unload? Will there be any traces on the eyelids? Xiaobian hereby sincerely answers: If it is a high-quality eyelash sticker, the viscosity must be firm and not easy to fall. When you encounter a stickyeyelash sticker, don't pull it out, it's important! Pulling out hard will not only make the eyelids slack, but also pull out the original eyelashes, and also damage the false eyelashes, which is not worth losing. How do you remove the eyelash glue? The best way is to use a cotton swab to apply makeup remover and brush the roots of the false eyelashes a few times to allow the makeup remover to penetrate into the gap between the false eyelashes and the eyelids. The glue will dissolve slowly. At this time, the false eyelashes will fall off slowly, which is just a matter of gently removing it.