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How to better paste the eyelashes, what are the precautions?

False eyelashes are artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes. Although they are not true eyelashes, they are attached to the original eyelashes to make the eyes more beautiful. Nowadays, people are very fashionable. In order to pursue beauty, the usual makeup will be attached with false eyelashes. There are many materials for false eyelashes. Among them, the mink lashes are the most commonly used. This is close to the real eyelashes. The hair is soft and natural, and the effect is good.

mink lashes

False eyelash paste needs to master the correct operation method to ensure the eyelash effect after pasting. With the curvature and length of the eye, trim the eyelashes with too long the end of the false eyelashes, apply a proper amount of eyelash glue to the root of the eyelashes, and let it stand for 20 seconds to maximize the viscosity of the eyelashes. Then follow the roots of the eyelashes in order from the eyes and eyes. The end of the eye is lightly pressed to fit the true eyelashes. Before the eyelash glue is not dry, use small tweezers to adjust the eye shape to determine the position. Use the eyelash curler to clip the true and false eyelashes together. The strength of the clip should not be too large, because the mink lashes are as soft as the real eyelashes. Be careful. If the eyelashes are too strong, it is easy to break the eyelashes.

mink lashes

After affixing the false eyelashes, use the mascara brush to brush the eyelashes so that the true and false eyelashes fit snugly. In order to highlight the eye effect, use the eyeliner to draw the eyeliner and fill the true and false eyelashes. When attaching false eyelashes, you need to pay attention to the amount of eyelash glue. Too much glue will cause inconvenience in sticking eyelashes, and you may get glue on your hands and body. Appropriate and uniform application of glue, false eyelashes are sticky and will not cause more glue waste. In practice, you should be careful and the strength should be appropriate. There is also the use of the bristles to remove the eyelash glue or to follow the specifications, put the lashes that remove the glue back into the collection box.