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How to better remove false eyelashes

Many girls are beautiful nowadays, because beauty is their nature, so girls are going to find better ways to decorate their makeup. Now many girls have their own ways to change themselves. It's more attractive, so they can better decorate themselves. There are many ways to make yourself perfect. There are many beauty tools in the market. Nowadays, cosmetics are very popular and very common. almost every girl who loves beauty cannot do without cosmetics. When she goes out every day, she will paint a beautiful one. A way to make makeup more confident. This situation seems to have become a very common phenomenon. Many girls will choose a cosmetic that suits them and then go for makeup. In this way, it is also better to paint makeup, but in Many girls can't choose a cosmetic that suits them. If they can't choose a cosmetic that suits them, they use an unfamiliar cosmetic. This is not the best way to do makeup, and it is very bad for the current effect.

false eyelashes

When choosing cosmetics, you still need to consider more. False eyelashes are a better makeup tool, which can better beautify people's eyes. Many people know more about how to I use false eyelashes, but some people still dont understand how to remove false eyelashes. How can I better remove false eyelashes? Now it has become a big problem. How can the effect be more effective?

The main function of false eyelashes is to beautify people's eyes, make girls' eyes brighter, and also have better results. There are many ways to use them, but the most fortunate, it is better to use it in a better way, so that it can better display the effects in many aspects. Most girls should be better understood.

false eyelashes

First of all, how to use false eyelashes correctly: Step 1: Use an eyelash curler to bend the eyelashes first so that the false eyelashes can be better hidden in your own eyelashes. MM who is not very familiar with the use of eyelash curlers can refer to the tutorial: Correct use of eyelash curlers; Step 2: Apply a coat of mascara to your eyelashes to make them look longer and denser. Similarly, you can make the false eyelashes more seamless with your own eyelashes. Step 3: Use your fingers or clean tweezers to take a short piece of false eyelashes from the eyelash group. Step 4: Apply some glue to the tail of the false eyelashes. Tip: Spray some glue on the back of your hand to facilitate repeated operations. Step 5: Clamp the eyelashes with tweezers and apply them to your eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye. Allow them to dry for a few seconds before removing the tweezers. Then, according to your needs, continue to apply false eyelashes. Step 6: After a few minutes, wait until the false eyelash glue is completely dry, and then use the mascara for a final gentle combing to make the true and false eyelashes completely merge and look more natural. So, the false eyelashes are attached!

false eyelashes

Then I will tell you how to properly remove false eyelashes. There are actually many ways. Only better removal of false eyelashes can make your eyes more perfect. Here are a few of them. In the process of removing false eyelashes, the problem that often arises: The best way to remove false eyelashes and leave them intact is to gently peel off the false eyelashes from the inner or outer head of the false eyelashes with the index finger and thumb, and slowly peel them off the eyelids. If you remove your false eyelashes correctly, you usually don't feel any pain or natural eyelashes fall off. If you do not need to use false eyelashes again, it is recommended to use a professional eye makeup remover and pour it on a cotton pad to remove false eyelashes just like eye makeup. At the same time, you can easily remove eye makeup. You can't really clean false eyelashes. If you use mascara on false eyelashes, you need to be prepared for it to no longer be used or the false eyelashes will become lumpy. Better-quality false eyelashes usually use all-natural hair. If you try to wash it, its curvature will be damaged and you can't use it. If you want to protect the false eyelashes and ensure that they are used again, I recommend that you keep the original box, so that you can put them back in the box after use. The curvature inside the box seems to keep the thin eyelashes of the false eyelashes naturally curved without deformation. If you've been using false eyelashes, you can buy a box of eyelashes to place them.