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How to choose and what precautions should be taken when grafting eyelashes?

At present, I believe that many people are more familiar with cosmetics, because now many girls like to dress themselves more beautiful, so now more people choose to use cosmetics, the role of cosmetics in today is Very big, because only in this way can better beautify the makeup. Nowadays, more people have their own makeup tips. This is also very good. If you don’t know how to make makeup at present, then you You must learn to make up normally, so that you can better show the effect of your own makeup. Although the cosmetics market is very large now, you still need to choose the cosmetics that are suitable for you, so that you can better dress up. If you choose bad cosmetics, it will also cause great damage to your skin. When choosing, try to choose genuine cosmetics, so that you can better ensure your facial makeup. When it comes to cosmetics, I believe that many girls will think of false eyelashes. False eyelashes are now a common eyelash tool for girls. There are many types of false eyelashes today, and there are many more eyelash techniques. Let me tell you a few questions about eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions

The first thing to say is that when eyelash extensions, you also need to choose a type that belongs to yourself, so that you can better apply makeup. At present, there are many types of false eyelashes. Yes, because it is directly in contact with your eyes, it is best to keep it clean and discard it once. There are several types of X-shaped, linear, and planted types. The colors are now diverse. You need to choose according to your various needs.

First of all, eyelash extensions is about functions: those with round eyes apply cotton eyelashes, and those with thick eyelids need to adjust the eyelashes. Straight eyelashes: After wearing, the three-dimensional feeling of the eyes is very obvious, and it is more suitable for photography makeup and stage makeup. Encrypted eyelashes: At present, this eyelash is a special false eyelash, which is longer and denser than other types. It is more suitable for theater or stage performances and special makeup. Cross-type eyelashes: After wearing, it feels very natural, suitable for bridal makeup or natural makeup, etc., black, blue, brown and purple. Mini-type eyelashes: people have become "S.O.S" false eyelashes. This aspect also solves the problem of eyelash extension and encryption. Single cluster eyelashes: solve the problem of girls with thinner eyelashes, which will make your eyelashes thicker immediately. Feather-type eyelashes: The exaggerated shape is also suitable for party or carnival use.

eyelash extensions

Then what I need to pay attention to is the need to pay attention to grafting eyelashes. After grafting eyelashes, you must first prohibit the use of makeup remover on your eyes. Because the special glue that glues false eyelashes and real eyelashes is very afraid of oil or the makeup oil's oil content is up to 90%, using makeup oil on your own eyes will also make false eyelashes go faster. Carry off. Of course, if you do not want your grafted eyelashes to fall off in advance, it is not recommended to use makeup remover to rub your eyelashes. It is better to use a special remover to prevent real eyelashes from harming you completely. So, how to remove makeup for the eyes after grafting eyelashes now? You still need to use a special eye makeup remover, but you also need to use cotton swabs instead of cotton pads to remove your own eye makeup. Try not to touch the joints of your real and false eyelashes. Do not rub your own. Eyelashes, the life of grafted eyelashes will become more durable.

After the eyelashes are grafted, although you can continue to apply makeup on the eyes, it is best not to brush the mascara, not to clamp your own eyelashes, and not to burn your eyelashes! Because in the process of removing the mascara, in addition to exposing some glue that adheres to the false eyelashes to the oil content, it will also pull the eyelashes to varying degrees. The false eyelashes are also very easy to fall off. Clipping eyelashes will deform your false eyelashes. After grafting eyelashes, you can’t and don’t have to clip eyelashes anymore.

eyelash extensions

After grafting the eyelashes, the eyelashes should be exposed to water as little as possible, so do not steam your face, and it is best not to swim frequently. After washing your face, do not wipe your eyes with a towel. You can use tissue paper to gently press your eyes to absorb the moisture, and then use your eyelashes to brush your eyelashes, and blow the eyelashes from the bottom to the top with the cold windshield of a hair dryer. This allows the false eyelashes to last longer. If you are in love with grafting eyelashes, don't forget to apply eyelash growth liquid at the root of the eyelashes every night, that is, the real eyelashes, to make your eyelashes more nutritious and help the eyelashes grow.