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How to choose fake eyelashes for makeup and paste

People's own eyelashes are not good, for example, the eyelashes are not slender and thick, or are short and sparse. What should I do? Now fake eyelashes can solve the problem. False eyelashes are artificial eyelashes that are applied to the real eyelashes to increase the eye effect. Nowadays, makeup and fake eyelash are necessary for process operations. Learning to paste false eyelashes is very helpful for self-image transformation.

fake eyelash
False eyelashes that are not fake materials can be attached to the false eyelashes, and it is not necessary to directly apply the eyelashes to the eyelashes. This is to consider the effect of pasting, focusing on the method and technique of pasting. In order to make the false eyelashes more natural after the paste, it is necessary to choose false eyelashes in the early stage, which is also very important work. What kind of false eyelashes are you choosing? Know the false eyelashes and models, different materials and models of false eyelashes for different occasions and makeup needs. In daily makeup, it is very good to choose short fake eyelash close to artificial materials. It is not much different from real eyelashes and is more natural after being attached. It will not be exaggerated.
fake eyelash
If you need to have exaggerated makeup on the stage performance, then with the overall design, the false eyelashes should be highlighted, then choose the thick and hard false eyelashes, which makes it easy to see that this is false eyelashes, but in order to It's not very different to make a variety of stage effects. In life, short and medium-length false eyelashes can be used, shooting portraits or European and American makeup, then the long and thick false eyelashes are more suitable, making the shooting better. Choosing fake eyelash can't be done with the public. You should choose the right one according to your eye shape and makeup needs so that you can have a better makeup look, and the false eyelashes will be more natural.