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How to choose false eyelashes in the market?

Nowadays,there are most faking eyelashes on the market. The packaging is very simple.

There is almost no source of products on the box; including the date of manufacture and the address of the manufacturer. Other marks are not included.

false eyelashes

The glue of false eyelashes isadded. The glue smells like glue. The pungent taste of the stock, such asthese irregular products may have safety and health hazards, if the hygiene isnot up to standard, under the inspection of the relevant departments, may leadto stop operation, in serious cases may lead to the closure of the factory, but If the disinfection is not up to standard, some harmful bacteria or othersubstances may remain in the body which may cause damage to some sensitivepeople. If the quality of the glue is different from the eyelashes worn, it mayalso be on the eyes off the person. Injury, it is easy to be red and swollen. Ifit is serious, it may cause eye irritation and cause eye diseases. So remindpeople who like to wear false eyelashes. It is best not to wear them every day. If you find any discomfort in your eyes, you can pick them up. , stop wearing false eyelashes, it is best to go tothe hospital for treatment, then fake how gross choose?

false eyelashes

At the beginning, for the convenience of wearing false eyelashes to achievenatural effects, you can use soft or transparent false eyelashes, which canimitate natural eyelashes, so that the original person sticks to the eyeswithout leaving obvious marks, in the choice of color, It is recommended to useblack because this color is the closest to the Asian eyelash color. If you areonly using false eyelashes in general makeup, be careful to avoid false eyelashes that are too long andhave too few roots, and do not choose cross-type, otherwise, it will make the eyes look unnatural.