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How to fake false eyelashes will look better and the correct step of unloading glue

Presumably, most girls want to make their eyelashes dense and long. For them, long eyelashes can make people's eyes become not only big but also very spiritual. In today's society, girls are very beautiful. Making eyelashes bend and soft is what many female friends are looking for. Eyelashes not only protect your eyes, but also make you look very good, but some girls have short eyelashes and they will think of ways to make themselves The eyelashes become longer and often choose false eyelashes. False eyelashes can help you achieve all your requirements, but do you know how to look fake eyelashes will look better? Let's talk about how beginners can look better with fake eyelashes.

 false eyelashes
Everyone knows that there aren't too many problems in the operation of false eyelashes. We can learn by tutorial or other methods. When applying false eyelashes, we need to prepare eyelash tools such as false eyelashes, eyelash glue, and eyelash curlers. Before attaching the eyelashes, we must first confirm whether the false eyelashes are too long. If they are too long, we can trim them with small scissors. After trimming, we will glue the false eyelashes. When using the eyelash glue, apply a little more at both ends of the eyelashes because the ends are easier to fall off. Then put the false eyelashes on the real eyelashes and compare them. After the paste is finished, you can choose to fill the eyelashes with the eyeliner to prevent the glue from drying out. When attaching false eyelashes and attaching false eyelashes, the method is similar, but pay attention to the false eyelashes anyway, it is easy to mislabel.
 false eyelashes
In fact, it is not difficult to stick eyelashes. The key is that practice makes perfect. If you post more times, then you can stick well and stick quickly. Before we put on the eyelashes, we first need to choose the false eyelashes that suit our eye shape. There are many kinds of false eyelashes for us to choose from. In addition to the types, the eyelashes of the false eyelashes are also different. Similarly, the eyelashes are divided into many types, such as fishing lines, cotton threads, plastics, etc. Each has its own characteristics but also has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to make choices according to your own wishes. The way to apply eyelashes is almost the same. It may be difficult for novices to attach false eyelashes. False eyelashes are a kind of beauty products. The art design is applied to the eyes to show better temperament. Many fashionable female friends use false eyelashes to beautify their eyes. If you use false eyelashes correctly, he will Make your eyes look beautiful, fake eyelashes are beautiful, but they are very fragile, so be careful when using them. There is also the need to pay attention to safety when attaching false eyelashes because glasses are also very sensitive parts of the body, so be careful to avoid eye allergies.

After talking about the false eyelashes, let’s talk about how the false eyelashes are properly unloaded. First of all, we need a clean cotton swab. The cotton swab is covered with eye makeup remover, then applied to the root of the false eyelashes. Then use a cotton swab to apply a little bit of strength, so that the residual glue can be smoothly applied. pull down. If the glue has been fixed firmly, you can gently peel it off by hand. The stem of the false eyelash is very fragile, so the movement must be gentle. Apply it to the false eyelashes several times until the false eyelashes are one by one. The roots are cleaned and the cotton swabs are swept back and forth. Knowing that no color can be pulled down at the end, the eyelashes are not sticky, and the false eyelashes are gently wiped with a cotton pad. Dispose of the false eyelashes, then put them on a clean cotton pad to dry, and finally put the cleaned false eyelashes in the box and save them. The viscosity of the general eyelash glue is relatively large. When removing it, be careful not to use too much force. Be patient and remove it. Do not use a large force to tear it. This will make the eyelids sagging. It is also easy to pull the real eyelashes down. It's even more convenient if you have a makeup remover such as makeup remover or make-up remover. Be sure to buy genuine products when choosing eyelash glue, otherwise, the damage to the eyes is also great.

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These details don't pay too much attention at the usual time. When using false eyelashes, be careful and careful. When you can follow all the details according to strict standards, you may not waste a lot of time, saving time and effort. Can make your makeup more perfect.