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How to maintain fake eyelashes?

Speaking of the beauty bag of the beautiful girl now, I have to say that the false eyelashes are indispensable, creating a thick curl, and there will be a radiance on the whole eye. In fact, there are many products that can be selected in the market, and the materials and crafts will also be different. In addition to being able to make good choices, in order to have a good use, daily maintenance and maintenance are also indispensable. So how can we do the maintenance work?

false eyelashes

There are many things to know about maintenance such as false eyelashes. The first is self-use, usually in a special box. Be careful when taking it. Don't tear it down at once, but carefully take it out in the direction, but the action should be simple, if it is too much Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage. Remember not to pull it two or three times, which will easily affect the use effect.

In addition, after the end of use, pay attention to proper care and maintenance. First remove the adhesive tape from the above, you can use professional cleaning products to remove, and remove all kinds of eye shadow powder, mascara, etc.. Wait until it is cleaned and then carefully put it back into the box, be careful of the movements to avoid damage, ensure secondary use, and have a good decorative application effect.

false eyelashes

There are many care items for false eyelashes. You should know more and pay attention to yourself in your normal life. In actual practice, you should have a corresponding understanding, try to ensure the perfection and safety of the product, reduce the possibility of use problems, have better comfort, and have a very good sense of self-eye beauty. Good help is a good choice for women to dress and make you more attractive.