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How to make eyelash glue and unloading glue clean

False eyelashes are used to modify the eyes of the person to make the eyes brighter and better. Modern people's make-up is part of daily life, and the false eyelashes are also very normal. Not only may they be fake eyelashes, but they must also be dressed to show a good mental outlook. How do you know how to attach false eyelashes and remove glue? How to make eyelashes glue remover?

eyelashes glue remover
Everyone knows that there aren't many problems in the actual operation of the false eyelashes, that is, they don't, they can learn through online tutorials or other methods, which is not difficult. Unloading glue is also different from the operation of false eyelashes. It is important to note that the eyelash removal is to clean the glue on the eyelashes so that the true eyelashes and the false eyelashes can be separated and smoothly removed. Remove the eyelash glue from the makeup remover, use a cotton swab to apply a proper amount to the root of the eyelashes, wait for tens of seconds, the false eyelashes naturally fall off, and then remove the residual false eyelashes, or use a special removal solution to melt the residue. The glue should take a little more time. The specific eyelashes glue remover should be made well, and the good glue should be used when the false eyelashes are attached. It is naturally easier to remove the glue when unloading the glue.
eyelashes glue remover
Be careful not to spill your eyes when you are unloading false eyelashes. Be careful. In winter, due to weather factors, the glue used for false eyelashes is easier to coagulate. When you unload the glue, you must have patience. It may be applied to the eyelashes. The effect of melting the glue is not obvious enough. Wait for more time or use a cotton swab. Lightly the root of the eyelashes, pay attention to the strength is not too big, be careful that the false eyelashes and the real eyelashes are broken due to the fixing of the glue. For eyelashes glue remover to clean, or choose a professional unloading glue.