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How to make lashes look better ?

Now there are a lot of girls would want to own become more good-looking, because now the girls are striving for perfection, at present, there are a variety of ways, people are going to choose a way you like, let himself become more perfect, become more attractive now if you want to become a better look at it also can choose to use some of the more special way, such as cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery is now a very large impact, here it is not recommended that you go to perform cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery now because of his facial injuries are very large, so now is not recommended to do cosmetic good. In addition to the cosmetic way to beauty, is currently in cosmetics can rely on yourself to become more perfect, there are now a variety of ways, in cosmetics and now the girls will always use it. Girls who are to choose some of their own cosmetics, so that it can be better to carry out the role of makeup, makeup girls now become a daily essential. So now the girls are going to choose suitable own cosmetics, so it may be better to carry out their makeup effect. In the current eye, makeup effects is very important, you need to pay attention to various aspects before they can present a lot of people will always choose a suitable false eyelashes, so it is better to carry out their eyelashes, currently, There are also many friends who can make a variety of choices, but people still have a question now. Which of the effects of grafting eyelashes and sticking false eyelashes can be better?

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False eyelashes At present, many girls will use false eyelashes. False eyelashes can be used better now. Many people can use them in many ways. Nowadays, many people go for grafting. Eyelashes, grafting eyelashes is currently a major method of eyelashes, and eyelashes are now available to many people, and girls can try them now.

First of all, we need to talk about the disadvantages of grafting eyelashes: if you are a spectacle user of a frame and the bridge of your nose is not particularly high, intimate contact with eyelash extensions and lenses will cause your vision to be blurred all day. At present, false eyelashes can also be selected and used when wearing contact lenses. The grafted eyelashes are soft and long, and you can't brush some mascara. If it is blown by a strong wind, it will really mess up in the wind like your own hair, and some false eyelashes that have a sense of weight now are not There will be such troubles.

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If the beautician who grafts the eyelashes does not have good gestures, the result of the grafting is the demon-type, not the Barbie type, and it needs to be overturned to redo it. It can not be as easy as wearing false eyelashes. If you are not careful, you will be pulled down a few times, and when you can’t replant in time, you don’t have to rely on clusters of false eyelashes for an emergency. Girls who like to wash their hair at the same time as showering will give up this convenience after grafting eyelashes, and if false eyelashes do not have such troubles now. The more important aspect, no matter how well you protect, when eyelash extensions fall quickly, they will always take away some of your own eyelashes. As a result, the eyelashes will become thinner and thinner. Of course, one of the biggest advantages of grafting eyelashes now is convenience. You can have dreamy eyes without the trouble of bringing false eyelashes every day.

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In fact, the disadvantages of false eyelashes: you need to bring or remove them every day. First of all, don't bother. If the technology is not in place, it is inevitable to tear off some of your own real eyelashes. Compared with the one-time consumption of eyelash extensions, the cost of false eyelashes also needs to be higher now. If the quality is not good, the glue will inevitably hurt your eyes. If the quality is good, you can repeat the use of medicine. Pay attention to clean preservation. In short, you need to be diligent to be beautiful. All in all, there are advantages and disadvantages to planting eyelashes and sticking false eyelashes. If you want to be lazy, you should use eyelashes, but a girl who is more diligent can choose false eyelashes that do not hurt the eyes.