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How to make the eyelashes after grafting stronger

As we all know, our eyelashes have a certain period of time, and everyone is different. In general, around 30-50 days, due to metabolism, old and new alternate, old shedding, new growth. Transplant false eyelashes follow this cycle and fall off with our own eyelashes. People's eyelash growth cycle is fast, the root of the eyelashes grows fast, and some transplanted eyelashes are easily deformed, so if you want to maintain perfect results, it is best to keep the eyelashes within 2-3 weeks, depending on your situation. First, clean the eyelashes before transplanting. Make sure that there are no cosmetic or oily substances on your eyelashes. This is a basic step in transplanting eyelashes because the glue will firmly adhere to the cleaner eyelashes. Second, after each grafting, whether it is re-grafting eyelashes or repairing eyelashes, avoid contact with water within three hours. This also means don't wash your hair or shower for three hours after transplanting your eyelashes. Third, avoid contact with water vapor within 48 hours after eyelash transplantation.

You can't do sauna, yoga or sweating. Fourth, make sure the products you use are oil-free. Oily substances in cosmetics, cosmetics, skin care products, etc. can make the glue lose its viscosity. Professional eyelash products are recommended. Fifth, avoid using waterproof cosmetics, especially waterproof mascara. Because it will definitely break the glue, the transplanted eyelashes will fall off in advance. Sixth, don't pull your eyelashes. If your eyelashes become crisscrossed and very messy, remember not to use your eyelashes.
Otherwise, not only will the grafted eyelashes be torn off, but the natural eyelashes will also be ripped off. It is recommended to use the mascara brush to carefully comb the eyelashes from the root to the end. Seventh, the less the better. The fewer times you apply makeup, the fewer times you touch your eyelashes, the fewer times your eyelashes fall off, and the more eyelashes you leave, the longer your eyelashes will last. Eighth, using a special eyelash enhancement solution, it can effectively remove the dust on the eyelashes, remove the oil stains on the eyelashes, and promote the rapid growth of the eyelashes. Natural vegetable gums make the eyelashes stronger and straighter after transplantation.