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How to make the eyelashes longer and denser

I believe that girls want to have long, dense eyelashes because that can make your eyes look bigger and more spiritual. Some women will choose to use false eyelashes, but do you know? Long-term false eyelashes are a little bad for your eyes. If it is serious, it may affect the health of your eyes. Beauty will become your burden, but you can understand the basic knowledge of false eyelashes. If you use it in a regular way, you can not only make you beautiful but also affect the health of your eyes. But false eyelashes are fake eyelashes. Do you know how to make your eyelashes longer and denser? Today we will discuss this issue.

If the eyelashes grow healthily, it is suitable for hair. As long as you don't have enough nutrition, if you want healthy hair, vitamin A and vitamin D are essential substances. If you insist on using these every day, you can make eyelashes. In the short-term growth, there is the possibility to use olive oil to smear, olive oil does not buy the kind of food, you need some tools, such as a lash comb, you must be careful when brushing, you can't miss the sight of scarce eyes. Finally, in the position of the eyeliner, I have to stick to it every day.

Cod liver oil can also increase people's hair. Let's talk about how to use cod liver oil to grow our eyelashes. First, prepare a handful of sharp scissors and a small bottle similar to lip gloss. Put two cod liver oil out of the bottle, use a clean brush to pour the cod liver oil that has become liquid, gently apply it to the eyelashes, then Apply a proper amount of cod liver oil to the root of the eyelashes with a cotton swab and apply it twice a day. If you insist on using it for a week or two, you will feel the overall appearance of the eyelashes will appear thick, and the new eyelashes will be clearly visible at the root of the eyelashes, and this will make the eyelashes no longer So fragile, the eyelashes are not as easy to fall off as before. After one month of persistence, the eyelashes will have a noticeable growth and curling feeling. On the basis of their own, the newly grown eyelashes will reach three to four millimeters in length. You can clearly feel that the eyelashes are already thick. The lower eyelashes will also become very long, and the newly grown eyelashes have gradually become long and thick during the previous days of use. After using this method, you can save a lot of time when you make up your makeup later. You only need to apply some mascara to achieve a good beautification effect.

This method is not only practical but also cheap, which is also the advantage of this method. It is also true and effective. After normal use, the eyelashes have obvious growth and growth effects. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course, because cod liver oil is very greasy, and our eyes are also very fragile. If you apply too much, it will definitely cause great damage to the eyes, and even because of the fat particles, if there is If you accidentally get it into your eyes, it may blur your eyes in an instant. Long-term use will also have adverse effects on your vision. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to cleaning the eyes before applying, and repeatedly rubbing the skin around the eyes. If you use it improperly, it will also cause redness and swelling of the eyes. Therefore, do not use it excessively or frequently when using it. Use it up to twice a day. In addition, cod liver oil is a yellow oily liquid. If used frequently, the possibility of eye ring staining may occur.

In the warm reminder, before applying the eyelashes, it is best to use some eye care products first, so that the oily capsules can form a protective state between the skin without affecting its absorption and oily products. The injury has a guarantee, you must apply only the eyelashes, do not intentionally apply the lower eyelashes, because the lower eyelashes can also receive nutrition when blinking, when applying the upper eyelashes, only the roots of the eyelashes can be applied. The method of brushing the eyelashes with lashes becomes impractical here.

Remember not to use it before makeup. Greasy eyelashes may make your eyes look dissipated in a short time. If you use your eyes for a long time, then you are not suitable for use. If you use this method, you may It will blur your vision. If you use a lot of eye work after painting, it will not only affect your work, but you will also feel the eye wolf, which can easily damage your eyesight.

In fact, there are many ways to make the eyelashes become long and dense. In addition to the two methods just mentioned, you should pay attention to reasonable diet every day, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less greasy food, and have good Sleep, as long as your method above insists on doing it every day, not stopping in the middle, it will definitely have an effect.