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How to make the false eyelashes look more natural

At present, many girls are more beautiful, because the living conditions are gradually improving, and many girls can better dress, and many girls can choose This way is better to beautify themself. I think there are more girls who choose cosmetics for use because there are more types of cosmetics on the market, so many girls choose cosmetics that are suitable for them, so they can go better. Show off their makeup. Nowadays, cosmetics are also divided into many types. Nowadays, it is better to choose, so there are many girls who can decorate their makeup in many ways. A girl who loves beauty should be more familiar with false lashes because false eyelashes can better decorate your eyes and make your eyelashes longer and curled. This can also make your makeup look more effective. However, when you use it, you need to pay more attention to it. Otherwise, it will not have much effect on your eye effect. Let me tell you how to make the false eyelashes look more real.

false lashes

Although false lashes are not as easy to use as mascara, once you master the essentials, you can finish makeup in 30 seconds. Unlike mascara, you need to brush dozens of layers and it may not have such a good effect. You have to spend more time sorting out. Makeup removal is more convenient: The most commendable advantage of false eyelashes is that when you go home in the middle of the night and you cant wait to fall down immediately, you dont have to take care to take 5 minutes to remove the terrible waterproof mascara. After taking a nap, there is no need to worry about residual pigmentation. Terriers: The thinner the better, the black cotton stems and transparent plastic stems are good choices, soft and tough are better. Roots: The hairs at the roots must have a certain intersection, so as to form a dense eyeliner effect. Tips: Like real eyelashes, there is a natural thick-to-fine change from root to tip. Slender tips will look more realistic. Hair quality: soft hair, the most taboo plastic reflective hair, will wear at a glance.

When using false eyelashes, the steps must be right, otherwise, it will cause great damage to your eyes, so you must use it according to a normal step so that you can show the effect of false lashes: first, curl your own eyelashes with an eyelash curler to help the mascara you brush later to maintain curling; apply a thin layer of mascara, it is best to choose curling type, the purpose is to help real eyelashes and False eyelashes fit, there will be no staleness of two layers of eyelashes;

false lashes

Compare the length of false eyelashes on the eyes, because everyone's eye shape is different, you need to trim the eyelashes properly after confirming the length; bending the eyelashes out of the arc is like massaging the eyelash stem, which can make the eyelashes are smoother and more natural, and adjust the curvature of the eye; trim the required length, usually, the eyelashes at the end of the eye are longer, cut from this end, and keep the short eyelashes of the eye, so it can look more natural. Note that the two false eyelashes should be cut symmetrically; apply the glue of the eyelashes under the eyelash stem to help the false eyelashes attach to the real eyelashes, and there is no foreign body sensation; after calculating the position, start from the middle of the eyelids, which is easy to adjust; Wait until the viscosity of the eyelash glue reaches the maximum when it is half dry. At this time, lift the two ends up and follow the arc of the eye shape. In order to avoid two layers of eyelashes, the real and fake eyelashes should be pinched tightly with fingertips. If you feel that the eyelashes are not warped enough, you can gently clamp the eyelashes again, the intensity must be light, otherwise, the arc may be damaged; If there is a gap at the joint, you can use eyeliner or eyeliner to fill the gap to make the eyelashes look more natural.

false lashes

You want to have more power than nature, but don't want to be too exaggerated? Another plus point is to allow you to make changes and graft out the natural eyelashes. Orientals lower eyelashes are usually relatively sparse. No matter how they are applied with mascara, there is no way to brush the lower long eyelashes as in the advertisement. It is like some natural-looking lower eyelashes. There are actually many ways to use false eyelashes to modify the cream and false eyelashes, but now you must use them in accordance with normal methods, otherwise, it will cause great damage to your eyes.