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How To Paste False Eyelash Fast

Nowadays, there are many kinds of false eyelashes on the market, so did you ever buy some to have a try? How to stick eyelashes well? To wear false eyelashes right can sprinkle some glitters to the eyes. Such a beauty artifact helps you a lot, how can you not learn to wear them?




Firstly, to use eyelashes curler to curl eyelashes in case that after wearing the false eyelashes, the false ones and the eyelashes of our own divide into two layers.


Secondly, using curling mascara to brush the eyelashes from the root. We do not need to brush it deeply, we just want to keep our own eyelashes warped.


Thirdly, to put false eyelashes upon our eyelashes with tweezers and remember to leave a 3 millimeter room for eye head. And then cut the parts of eye end that are too long off.


Fourthly, using small scissors to remove the parts of false eyelashes that are too long. Pay attention to keep eye head from being left out when cutting off the parts of eye end.


Fifthly, to pinch eyelashes at both ands and to curl them into fan shape. The curvature should be conformed to the radian of the eyes.


Sixthly, to apply glue along the stalk of false eyelashes. we can put more onto the both sides because eye head and eye end are both easy to tilt.


At last,  using tweezers to paste the false eyelashes to the end of the eyelashes.  to adjust the paste positions gently with our hands.