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How to Paste Flare Clusters

Above all, we need to know the basic knowledge of eyelash. The eyelash growth cycle is the same to our hair's growth cycle. Our eyelashes keeps continue to grow and metabolism. The growth cycle of an eyelash is about 2 to 3 months. In fact, according to eyelash growth cycle, it is normal phenomenon to falls or updates 1-5 eyelashes everyday. Grafting flare clusters is processed in the eyelashes rather than in the eyelids.


Generally, a bunch of flare clusters is consisted of 2 to 10 small fine hair composition. There is still a lot of traditional small beauty salon using flare clusters grafting in the market, because the grafting is very convenient and the result is rather significant. The steps of pasting eyelash clusters are as follows:

1) use prepared non-woven to press the brown line in the corners of the eyelid edge and cover the lower eyelashes.

2) comb the eyelashes neatly with the eyelash comb.

3) take false eyelashes and put them randomly scattered in a soft tissue paper or transparent glass by using tweezers.

4) pour a little special glue on a transparent glass.

5) catch the end of false eyelashes with pointed tweezers and dip the point of 2/3 in a special glue.

6) put the false eyelashes dipped in glue on the outside of eyelashes away from the roots for about 0.5 ~ 1 mm.

7) manage the finished bonding eyelashes with small tweezers.

8) Remember to dry the glue after grafting with suction device.

9) remove the film on lower eyelid and wipe the lower eyelid cling with a paper or dry cotton.