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How to put false lashes to look better?

Eyelashes are a lot of attention that is taken care of by male and female friends. Although the false lashes are small, they can improve our confidence in life and career, so as to make up for the soul window of our hearts, but how to paste The true stickers. What about false eyelashes?

false lashes
You can check the length of the false eyelashes, the eyelashes of your own eyelashes, the eyelashes of the false eyelashes, the initial false eyelashes, and the final set of the false eyelashes. The length of the false eyelashes is included. When using false If the false eyelashes are longer than your own eyes, you need to cut the false lashes to the same length as your own eyes. The tail of the eyelashes, the false eyelashes are first used with tweezers. False eyelashes should not exceed your own eyelashes, otherwise, it will be uncomfortable to close your eyes. Clip your own false lashes and clip your eyelashes with the eyelashes before applying the false eyelashes. After putting them in, they will look better and look more natural after Being clipped. Applying mascara can help repair the curvature of the eyelashes.
false lashes

Apply false eyelashes to the eyelashes. The false eyelash glue is used to fix the eyelashes on our eyelashes. First, put the roots of the false eyelashes, then carefully squeeze the glue onto the false eyelashes. When applying mascara, it should be applied from The middle to both sides. This way, there will be more glue on the head and tail of the eye. Initially, apply false eyelashes. When the glue on the false eyelashes is half dry, use a pair of tweezers to pick up the middle part Of the eyelashes, then place the roots of the real eyelashes directly on your real eyelashes. The middle of the false lashes is aligned with the middle of the true eyelashes. Be careful not to let the root of the glue touch the real eyelashes. False eyelashes are finalized. After attaching the false eyelashes, hold them with your fingers and correct them before the glue is completely dry. Keep at 30 degrees for your satisfaction. This will fix the length of the eyelashes.