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How to remove the false eyelashes correctly?

Do not stick eye shadow or mascara on false eyelashes. First apply eye shadow, then wear false eyelashes, so as not to apply eye shadow powder on false eyelashes, make it dirty, cannot be removed, affecting the next use. Do not brush the mascara on the false eyelashes and do not remove it, otherwise,the false eyelashes will be scrapped once. If the true and false eyelashes can't be combined, you can use the electric eyelash curler to lift your true eyelashes and blend the true and false eyelashes.

false eyelashes

  Many people take false eyelashes directly from false eyelashes, which is very bad. The first one will pull your eyes and relax your eyes for a long time. The second one is not very well pasted, so the true and false eyelashes stick together and the tears tear off their real eyelashes. The false eyelashes under the third direct tear are easily deformed, shortening the number of repeated uses, and discarding the heavy eyelashes once.

  Take a proper amount of makeup remover with a cotton swab and gently wipe the root of the false eyelashes. This technique must be as soft as possible. Do not use excessive force when removing makeup. After a while, the false eyelashes will fall off automatically. Applying alcohol to the swab can remove the glue from the false eyelash handle. Prevent the peduncle from sticking too much, so as not to stick too many times. Stay in good condition for your next use.

  Steps for attaching false eyelashes:

 Faceted the mascara root is thin, but it can still be divided into four sides. The false eyelashes are connected to one side, and the rest are divided into upper and lower sides.

Select the location of the glue. Many people's eyelashes are not tilted because they don't know where to use glue. If you want to stand up your eyelashes, apply glue to the roots. When wearing eyelashes, the eyelashes are all bent down, neither close to the skin nor to create a "trichomoniasis" feeling, but also to find a good position.

false eyelashes

  For the best eyelash curling, place the glue on the other side of the eyelashes, the side (the other side of the eyelashes), with a uniform white line and a little more at both ends to prevent the glue from opening.