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How to Stick False Eyelashes Naturally?

The hardest part about eye makeup is how to paste false eyelashes. Many MM is fearful to false eyelashes, they think false eyelashes look too fake, in fact, the fake eyelashes now are very natural. Learn to stick false eyelash a few tricks, it can be completely false and true!

The first step: choose the style of false eyelashes

1. Soft stems are natural and comfortable. Eyelash stem fine and soft, the ability of the eye type when sticky paste, eye head, eye tail should not be warped up.

2. Thick, long and not greedy, there is a sense of moderate void. Do not choose the false eyelash that is inferior to your eyelash very much, more than originally eyelash "thick, long, dense" a little bit better, try to compare your lashes, the closer you get to the truth.

3. The finer the hair, the more realistic it is

The second step: false eyelashes shape

The third step: clip your eyelashes

Our own eyelashes do not curl up with false eyelashes, therefore, in order to apply false eyelash to the effect of the natural lifelike, we need to put on the eyelash before the false eyelash curly. And mascara can help to fix your eyelashes.

The forth step: apply glue to false eyelashes

After you have fixed your eyelashes, (preferably with tweezers) pick up false eyelashes and root them up. Then use the hand without the false eyelash to squeeze the glue carefully onto the false eyelashes. Be careful not to squeeze too much when you're squeezing your lashes, or you'll get the glue on your lashes. When applying mascara, you should start from the middle and apply it to both sides, so that the part of the eye head and the end of the eye will have more glue, because the two parts are more likely to fall off. You can also squeeze the glue on a cotton stick and gently apply it to the false eyelash stem.

The fifth step: how do you use eyelash glue

When many people posted false eyelashes, the biggest difficulty is that they do not know how much glue is suitable for lashes, as a result of this, the fake eyelash glue is about 0.5-1 mm thick. If false eyelash glue is too little, it is difficult to stick to false eyelash very well. In addition, completely wet glue stick to the eye instead of easy to firm, gently blowing to half dry state, and then paste false eyelash to be the most easy to secure.

The sixth step: apply false eyelashes

Confirm the distance from the eye to the end of the eye, put the mirror on the table, and look down. Place the false eyelashes on the central edge of the eye lashes and press the eyelashes firmly with a gentle press. Use tweezers to hold false eyelashes and press for a few seconds. Press the eyelashes at the end of the eye, then open your eyes wide and make the false eyelashes stronger with the squeezing of the eyelids. Be careful not to let the root of the glue touch the real lashes.

The seventh step: the final setting of false eyelashes

false eyelashes 7

After the false eyelash is affixed, use finger to point to the position of the place to do the last pressed hair to paste the part, the temperature of the finger can promote glue more. And then hold it with finger, and fix it before the glue is completely dry. Don't raise your eyelashes too high, which can be layered with true lashes. Don't pressure too low, it can let an eye look more small. Hold for about 30 seconds at the height of your satisfaction, which will fix the height of your lashes.