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How to stick false eyelashes to look more natural

At present, many people want to make themselves more perfect, because many girls are more beautiful, and beauty can be said to be born to girls, so many girls will choose some good methods to make themselves more attractive. Now there are many ways, so many girls choose some cosmetics to improve their own makeup. There are also a lot of cosmetics, you need to choose better cosmetics that suit you so that you can better dress your own makeup, so choosing cosmetics is very important, not only can you better use cosmetics but also very helpful to your eyes. The steps of makeup are also very important. There are many steps of makeup at present, you must choose some better ways to make makeup so that you can better show the effect of makeup. When it comes to cosmetics, everyone will want eye makeup. At present, eye makeup is more important, eye makeup can better match the entire face makeup. So girls who like makeup must know something about false eyelashes. The use of false eyelashes is also better, but do you know how to stick false eyelashes to make it look more natural?

false eyelashes

In fact, there are still a lot of people who can make-up, but it is not better to stick to false eyelashes. Today I will teach you how to apply false eyelashes. At present, different false eyelashes have many different methods. Before applying false eyelashes, you need to do a variety of preparations, clip eyelashes. The curling of the eyelashes with the eyelash curler is mainly to perfectly overlap the curvature of the false eyelashes. It will not look so false. The eyelashes need to be curled, but it should not be raised too much. For the angle of the false eyelashes, try to clamp it at the beginning without sagging. If you curl your eyelashes too much, it will cause discomfort to the eye area, as long as you slightly curl it, you can use it better.

false eyelashes

Shorter, more natural, disposable false eyelashes. Disposable false eyelashes need to be trimmed. Generally, disposable false eyelashes are relatively soft and need to be clamped with eyelash tweezers to make deformation easier. Clamp the tail of the current false eyelash and then pull it out so that it will not cause more deformation. Generally, false eyelashes are not suitable for your own eye range, so you need to choose a suitable length for trimming. Before cutting false eyelashes, take false eyelashes to the range of your own eyelashes, and see how long you need to cut them. Dropped. Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and apply the glue to the bottom of a false eyelash instead of the side of the false eyelashes. Do not go to the eyes immediately after applying the glue. Wait until the glue becomes translucent. After sticking, go-to stick. It is also necessary to have tweezers when applying it. The tweezers are clamped to the middle position of the false eyelashes and then aligned with the central position of the eyeballs. They are applied to the center of the place closest to their eyelashes. The tail of the eyelashes. At the tail of the corner of the eye, the false eyelashes are applied to the part of the eye. If it is not attached, you need to pull the glue along the eyeliner while the glue is not dry. Finally, slowly go. Push in to make the false eyelashes stronger. For a better fit of false eyelashes and eyelashes, use small tweezers to clamp the two layers of true and false eyelashes, and clip it from the end to the end, so that it can be better fitted. The stalk of the false eyelashes must completely fit and cover the roots of your real eyelashes, just as you grow them so that they will look natural and not offensive.

false eyelashes

After the false eyelashes are attached, try not to make the false eyelashes too low. This will also make your eyes smaller, and it will also make people look a little uncomfortable in terms of aesthetics. You should go for appropriate to Adjust it to your satisfaction.

False lashes should be completely dry before you can brush the mascara so that the false lashes will look thicker, more natural and more stable in the future. Then in the process of brushing, in order not to cause the fly legs, brush on the left and right of the eyelash roots, and then brush up to the middle of the eyelashes to gently pass it, so that it will not be very fake and very dense.