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How to Unload the Fake Eyelash Glue

Some good quality, expensive false eyelashes can be reused, don't throw them away just once. It's really wasteful.  However, the false eyelashes will be stained with fake eyelash glues, which should be properly cleaned and kept for the next time. There is no problem with the use of an eyelash about ten times.

How to unload the fake eyelash glue Teach you to use false eyelashes again and again

Step 1: prepare a clean sheet of cotton and carefully place used false eyelashes on cotton pieces.
Step 2: take a cotton stick, cover with eye lip, and then apply the root of the false eyelash.
Step 3: apply a little bit of strength with a cotton stick, so you can pull down some residual glue.
Step 4: if you have a stubborn glue, you can pull it off with your fingers.
Step 5: false eyelash stalks are very fragile, so be gentle. Turn it over again and clean up a piece of false eyelash.
Step 6: pull the cotton rod back and forth until there is no color to pull down, and there is no stickiness on the stalk. Then gently press the wipe with a clean pad of makeup and cotton.
Step 7: leave the false eyelashes on a clean sheet of cotton to dry slightly.
Step 8: save your false eyelashes.