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How to use fake eyelashes better

At present, there are a lot of girls who are relatively embarrassed, so they can all be more perfect to organize their makeup, many girls will choose makeup, many girls choose a cosmetic that suits them, but many girls don’t know how to choose a cosmetic that is more suitable for them. It is better to choose cosmetics that suit them. There are also many aspects that can be matched with your own makeup so that you can become more beautiful and more attractive, so there are still many girls who are more beautiful in the present. The choice of cosmetics is to find cosmetics. The supplier introduces you to cosmetics that are more suitable for you. At present, many people will choose the right cosmetics. I mentioned the makeup. I believe that many people will think of false eyelashes because eye makeup can be better to match the entire face makeup, so there are many people who choose to use false eyelashes. Decorate your own eyes, but many people don't know enough about false eyelashes. Do you know if false eyelashes are disposable? How can I better use false eyelashes to decorate my eyes?

false eyelashes

I believe that false eyelashes are used by many girls. Using false eyelashes makes our eyes look bigger and more beautiful, so many girls choose to use false eyelashes, so many girls don't know how to use fake eyelashes better, but many people don't know that false eyelashes can be used multiple times, not just one-time. In principle, it is a one-off in principle, but if you want to use it repeatedly, it is possible, that is, you should be careful when you need to tear it off. The deformation is gone, but it is generally not recommended to use it multiple times. some fake eyelashes can be connected, which is a bit unsightly at present. It is not particularly comfortable, so I still don’t want to graft it. I can use it once and with fake eyelashes of good quality. Reusable.

false eyelashes

False eyelashes are applied to the top or bottom of the real eyelashes. Both methods are feasible and have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you have some newcomers who don’t usually apply false eyelashes at the moment, just start to try to apply eyelashes, then it is better to stick false eyelashes on your true eyelashes, because this operation is very simple. of. If the false eyelashes are on the top: the disadvantage is that it is easier to leave white, but it can be used by using the eyeliner. In addition, true eyelashes are easier to layer with false eyelashes. The advantage is that it is easier. operating. False eyelashes are below: The advantage is that it feels more natural after the paste is finished. It is also quite realistic with the true eyelashes. The shortcomings in the present are also relatively difficult to operate with respect to the method of attaching the false eyelashes to the top of the true eyelashes.

false eyelashes

How to use false eyelashes to look better, the first is to check the length of some false eyelashes. When using false eyelashes, first of all, you need to use tweezers to pick up false eyelashes and then compare them at the root of eyelashes. If it is false eyelashes. It will also be longer than your own eyes. It needs to be cut to the same length as your own eye. At the end of the false eyelashes, you should not go beyond your own eyelashes. Otherwise, it is very uncomfortable when you close your eyes. Then you need to clip your own eyelashes. Before you put false eyelashes, you need to use your eyelashes to clip them. This is because our own eyelashes are not so curved, and they are going after the clips. Sticking false eyelashes will also be more beautiful, and it is more natural, and applying mascara can also help to fix the curvature of the eyelashes. First false eyelashes

After the glue on the false eyelashes has dried up, use the eyelash tweezers to clip the false eyelashes in the middle and then pick them up, then approach the roots of the true eyelashes directly above your true eyelashes. The middle of the false eyelashes also needs to be in the middle of the real eyelashes. Be careful not to let the roots with eyelash glue touch your true eyelashes. The final shape of the false eyelashes will also cause the false eyelashes to be attached, and then use the fingers to hold it to correct the curvature before the mascara water is completely dry, probably holding it for 30 seconds at a height that is satisfactory. This will fix the height of the eyelashes.