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How to wash your face after eyelash extensions?

With the popularity of eyelash extensions, more and more people have spurned false eyelashes and mascara. Usually, the eyeliner is not painted, but the eyelash extensions are particularly weak. Washing and removing makeup should be especially careful. Today we will introduce the most accurate face washing method after grafting eyelashes.

eyelash extensions is a method of bonding false eyelashes to your own eyelashes with a relatively dry glue, so do not touch the water within 3-4 hours after the manipulation. After the glue has dried up for 4 hours, try touching the water. However, it is still necessary to pay attention to the time of washing your face, otherwise it will easily cause the eyelashes to fall.

eyelash extensions

First, the first step: take an excessive amount of cleanser, take an excessive amount of cleansing facial cleanser and put it in the palm of your hand. The eyelashes that are married are glued together, so despite the gentle facial cleanser, it does not cause the glue to melt, causing the eyelash extensions to fall. Step 2: Wash the face, pour the facial cleanser out of the foam, then spread the foam evenly on the face and wash the face with a massage. The intensity of face washing must be gentle, there is no need to rub your face hard, you can also use a wet towel to gently press, although avoiding eyelashes. Step 3: Wash off the facial cleanser. It is recommended to use warm water to remove the cleansing products on the face. You can use the sponge to stroke around your eyes. Step 4: Dry the water on the face with a towel, and use a face sponge and a cleansing cloth to dry excess moisture on the face. Please use the pressing method to dry the eyes. Remember to use the sputum method. The sputum method is excessively violent. For the weak skin around the eyes, it is necessary to adopt a gentle method and does not cause the lashes to fall. Step 5: After applying all the care products and washing your face, you can use your daily face to dry your face. Do not use oily skin care products. When using it, avoid the roots of the eyelashes and prevent eyelashes. Dropped.

eyelash extensions

The above is the way to wash your face after grafting eyelashes, I hope to help you.