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Introduction to the use and maintenance of false lashes

        The girls who love beauty have fake eyelashes, and they have a smart look that makes them look more attractive. False eyelashes work well, but it should also be important for girls. To ensure the softness, comfort, and texture of eyelashes, daily maintenance is also essential. So how the false lashes should be maintained? What do you need to know? Let's take a look at some basic introductions.

        First of all, there will be very high requirements in the process of taking false lashes. Nowadays, there are many types of fake eyelashes, and manufacturing will be different. Pay special attention when taking out. After all, this fake eyelash is relatively fragile. When you take it out, you should be very careful. You can't pull it too hard. Take it out carefully. Pay attention to the work, so you can reduce the damage of the eyelashes. It is also good to use, reducing the risk of injury, supporting better use and reducing damage.

        Secondly, the daily maintenance of some eyelashes, due to long-term use, there will be a lot of dirty things stacked up, to be cleaned and cleaned. It is usually soaked for about 1 hour, and the time control can be easily removed. In addition, it is necessary to understand that the cleansing oil should be wiped clean when cleaning, so that it will not affect the secondary use, and the maintenance of the eyelashes is also better.

        There are many things to be aware of when using false lashes. After normal use, you must have a basic understanding. You are optimistic about different material classifications and usage requirements. It can also reduce eyelash damage and improve overall use. For girls, they need to know well, know how to care for eyelashes and show their beauty.