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The Maintenance Knowledge after the Grafting of Eyelashes

The matters need attention after grafting lashes

1. We should avoid washing, bathing, sauna, hot yoga, swimming and other environments after grafting eyelashes in 8 hours. Although the ciliary glue looks dry, but actually it does not completely solidify, if we touch the water, it will make eyelash fall off easily, and also it will make eyelash root white.

2. We should use non-oily cleanser as far as possible, oily cleanser is easy to penetrate into the adhesive part, if we use oily facial cleanser, it can make eyelash fall prematurely.

3. Don't knead your eyelashes when you clean your face. It should be washed over the upper part of the eye with the fingers, it is recommended to use mascara lashes clean water.

4. Use your palms to hold water or wash water gently on the washbasin. Avoid the direct rinse of strong water pressure, strong water pressure can cause eyelash to even fall off.

5. After washing your face, start gently pressing on the top of your eyelids and wipe away moisture. Be careful not to hook the towel to the lashes. You can suck it up with a napkin.

The precautions when applying makeup:

When using eyeliner, if you use a hard brush or eyeliner, it will be a burden and easy to fall off when rubbing the base of your eyelashes. We can use a softer eyeliner, or liquid eyeliner.

When using eye shadow or foundation attached to eyelash, we should use wet paper towel. When makeup and foundation notes are obvious, we should use eyelash to clean the water and gently wipe.

It's best not to use mascara. Because the discharge of mascara can cause a great burden to the grafting eyelash. If you must use it, it is recommended to use eyelash mascara.

It's better not to use eyelash curlers, because it also puts a burden on your lashes, so that the grafting eyelashes and native lashes are easy to fall off. If you feel that the eyelash is too straight, you can use hot iron eyelash clip.

The attentions to skin care

When we use a piece of cotton to smear make-up water, in the vicinity of the lashes, it should be noticed, because the fiber of the cotton slice may hook eyelash, the eye can be smeared with your fingers. If it is a greasy lotion or cream attached to the eyelashes, wipe it with wet cotton pieces and cotton swabs.

Don't sleep on your stomach

Lying on your stomach or lashes against a pillow and long periods of stress can distort your eyelashes. It may also break or fall off, and it is recommend sleeping on your back as much as possible.

The Maintenance Knowledge after the Grafting of Eyelashes 1

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