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Most girls are wrong about those things about false eyelashes.

After several baptisms of novice teaching makeup, most of the girls' makeup methods are wrong about the false eyelashes. Here are some things aboutfalse eyelashes. The stalk of the false eyelashes, usually the false eyelashes, is knotted on the hair on a stem of the root. The stem is generally divided into three materials: a transparent stem, a cotton stem, and a plastic stem. The transparent stem is more like a fish line material, and the degree of invisibility is also good, and the support strength is also good. When painting a light makeup, the pseudo-sugar is the preferred material for the stemand is suitable for most people. The cotton stalk is the softest and most comfortable of the three materialsand has the lowest presence. However, you must draw black eyeliner when painting these false eyelashes, otherwise,it will look unnatural.

false eyelashes
The plastic peduncle is one of the blackest and hardest materials in the material peduncle, with the lowest comfort. But this material is more suitable for eyelid hypertrophy, female friends who need to rely on false eyelashes to support the double eyelids.
false eyelashes
False eyelashes are roughly divided into two types of hair, one is natural hair and artificial fiber, and the most common is artificial fiber. This material is cost effective. Natural hair and natural false eyelashes have only plastic stems. The advantages are realistic and soft. In addition to the high cost, the real hair is easily damaged by glue and makeup remover, and can not be reused. Man-made fiber, this material is our most common false eyelashes, the benefits are obvious, not afraid of repeated makeup removal, can be reused. The disadvantage is that some of the inferior wool is easy to reflect, which is especially false.