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Nursing work after the eyelash extension

1. After applying lash extension, do not touch water within 24 hours. Do not steam the face or steam sauna within 24 hours to prevent from fumigating the fiber lashes. Do not let the grafted eyelashes touched by oil-bearing makeup remover oil and other skin care products.
2. When washing the face, clean the eye in a direction. Do not rub the grafted individual eyelashes. Do not use chemical fiber, wool fabric to clean eyelashes so as to avoid they're falling off.
3. Better not to use mascara, because the removal of mascara will give a great burden to the grafted lashes. If you have to use it, it is recommended to use the mascara for eyelash extensions.
4. Remember not to pull your eyelashes with hands if your eyelashes become cross and messy. Otherwise, not only the grafted eyelashes will be pulled down, but also the natural lashes. It is recommended to use the eyelash brush to carefully comb your extension lashes from the roots of the eyelashes to the tail. Or you can buy coating sealant provided by SUNNY FLY BEAUTY, to, in certain extent, maintain your eyelashes and the radian.
5. Ensure that the products you use are not oily. The oily substances in cosmetics, remover, and skin care products will make the glue lose its stickiness. It is recommended to use professional eyelash products.
6. During skin caring, use cotton pads for make-up water. Pay attention when the pads are losing to eyelashes, because the fiber of cotton pads may hook the lashes. Fingers can be used at that time. If the emulsion or cream containing oil is attached to the eyelashes, wipe they away while they are not absorbed, with a wet cotton piece and a cotton rod.

In addition, with time going by, the eyelashes will gradually grow and then fall off. So the grafted eyelashes may look more disorderly. If you don't like such lashes, you can buy coating sealeat, as she can maintain your eyelashes to some extent, and maintain the camber. And our company can provide affordable raincoat of high quality. You are welcome to visit our shops.