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Share some skills to use false eyelashes

According to many people, they can better choose makeup that suits them, because girls are pursuing perfection and fashion, which can also make girls more refined. There are many girls. They can find a more suitable way to modify their own makeup. According to the current method that girls prefer, they are using cosmetics. Using cosmetics can better modify their own facial makeup, which is also better. I believe that there are many people who want to make better use of cosmetics because there are many ways to use them in many ways. At present, false eyelashes can be better used, and it can be better used to modify the eyes of girls. The main role of false eyelashes is to beautify people's eyes and make people's eyes more beautiful. At present, many girls can choose false eyelashes that are suitable for them and then use them. Of course. At present, many girls can use false eyelashes in many ways. In this case, false eyelashes can better modify people's own eyelashes. So at present, false eyelashes can make girls more refined, but now you need to know the skills to use false eyelashes, let's tell you what skills you must know.

false eyelashes

The main function of false eyelashes is to beautify people's eyes, make people's eyes brighter, and make the eyelashes also long and curled. This is also a better way to modify false eyelashes. At present, there are many girls who can use it. I believe that girls know some tips on using false eyelashes.

First, you need to trim the false eyelashes: a pair of false eyelashes should be symmetrical to the left and right, the inner corners are thin and short, and the outer corners are thick and long. After comparing the false eyelashes to the length of the eyes, use an eyebrow trimmer to trim the width, length, and density of the false eyelashes.

Then apply some glue: Use your fingers to better bend the false eyelashes. This will also make the arc of the eyelashes match the curvature of the eyes. Apply the eyelashes evenly on the baseline of the bottom of the false eyelashes. glue. The glue should not be too much at present, otherwise, it will be thick and not easy to dry, but it will not stick well. Some thicker false eyelashes need to be bent by hand to make it difficult to shape them. You can trim them for a moment before sticking to the stylus pen, and then you have the ideal radian after you lift them off.

false eyelashes

Finally, go to apply false eyelashes: When applying the entire eyelashes, please ask the customers eyes to look down slightly, and then clamp the center of the false eyelashes with tweezers. More prominent. Then use your fingers to press the two sides of the false eyelashes on the skin on the inner and outer corners of the eye. The curvature of the true and false eyelashes needs to be consistent. After the eyelashes are pasted, some customers are advised not to open their eyes too much for the time being. This is also a better way to avoid the false eyelashes at the inner corner of the eye. This can also make the eyelash glue more transparent, gently pull the false eyelashes, confirm that they are tight, and then ask the guests to blink to test the comfort. When applying small clusters locally, trim the small lashes and apply some glue. Then use the tweezers clip to gently place between the real eyelashes. After applying, apply the real and fake lashes together with mascara to create a natural, slender and dense effect.

false eyelashes

The current modification of false eyelashes is mainly determined by the makeup needs and the concentration of their own eyeliner. For the decorative eyeliner with a certain concentration, it is necessary to design the false eyelashes on different positions on the edge of the eyelids outside the eyelashes after trimming the false eyelashes according to the customers' various eyelash density conditions and eye shape design requirements, and then use the eyelashes The cream applies the lashes with a false eyelash brush. For example, the charming long eye shape is suitable for attaching long false eyelashes on the outside of the upper and lower eyelids, and the naive round eye shape is suitable for attaching the trimmed false eyelashes to the middle part of the upper eyelid.

False eyelashes can be applied to many female friends, but the effect of modifying false eyelashes can be better only if it is used normally. In this way, it is also possible to better perform false eyelashes in many aspects. The advantages make people look more natural.