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Some suggestion for selecting lashes

I believe that there are many girls who are more beautiful. Many people have better ways to make themselves more beautiful. There are many girls who can choose some cosmetics to decorate their faces I believe that everyone knows cosmetics, and most of us have used cosmetics, because the market for cosmetics is very strong, and everyone needs to choose a cosmetics that suits them when choosing. It can be used better, according to the current many people can better apply their own makeup. At present, as long as you choose the cosmetics that are suitable for you, you can do better makeup. I believe that everyone can quickly choose cosmetics that is suitable for you. At present, there are many makeup steps, but it is best to apply makeup according to the correct method so that you can better use cosmetics to decorate yourself. At present, there are many types of cosmetics, which are mainly based on individual tools to complete the makeup of the entire face. False eyelashes should be familiar to everyone. Beautiful girls know about false eyelashes because false eyelashes are very popular. And it can also better match their eyes for effective face makeup. The false eyelashes are also relatively large in the current market. Because people's needs are growing, so many girls are currently I will choose wholesale eyelashes. In fact, there are many types of eyelashes. At present, they need to pay more attention, but some girls still don’t know enough about false eyelashes. The type of false eyelashes can better wholesale lashes.

wholesale lashes

At present, wholesale lashes can be said to be a relatively common thing, because people's needs are huge. Of course, the market for false eyelashes is also very large. There are many ways to wholesale false eyelashes. Many girls don’t know about wholesale eyelashes, but if you want to wholesale eyelashes better, you still need to choose some better methods. I believe many of them have already discovered a more critical issue. Can false eyelashes be used multiple times? This is a lot of people who need to consider when wholesale eyelashes. If false eyelashes are used only once, it is very wasteful. Yes, it is not better in terms of price, so it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of false eyelashes when wholesale eyelashes.

wholesale lashes

If you can’t wholesale a better false eyelash, you can only use it once. Nowadays, ordinary false eyelashes can usually be used 5 to 6 times, but now you still need to go according to your various aspects. The use situation is determined, and some people are better protected, so it can be used 10 times. It is better not to apply the eyeshadow powder. The glue needs to be properly removed, but in general, the ordinary false eyelashes are 3 to 4, and it can be used 2 or 3 times. After all, it is your own eyes. Before you use false eyelashes, you need to trim it properly. For some of your own eyelashes, you need to clip and lift it up, and then stick the false eyelashes from the end of your eyes to the corners of the eyes. You can also use eyeliner to make up for the separation or use the eyelash curler to slightly clamp the two roots, or apply an appropriate amount of mascara on yourself and the false eyelashes. It is best to buy another perm, and Panasonic eyelashes are recommended. Perm can make yourself and false eyelashes fit more closely, so in the use of wholesale eyelashes, you can choose some good-quality eyelashes.

wholesale lashes

There are also many techniques for selecting wholesale lashes. The first technique of selection: when you choose, in addition to looking at the style of false eyelashes, you also need to look at the stems of false eyelashes. False eyelashes nowadays are generally divided into three types: fishline stems, cotton stems, and plastic stems.

Selection technique two: At present, the cotton stalks are mainly soft because they are not pierced when they are fitted, and they are not easy to lift up, but the disadvantage is that the stalks are also easy to bend and deform after tearing off. Repeat The utilization rate is relatively low.

Picking technique three: At present, the effect of the fish line stem is better in makeup, transparent and invisible, and it is also convenient to cut a bunch to stick, and it can maintain the original curvature after tearing off, but the disadvantage is that it is easier to fall off and warp. Up.

Picking technique four: Plastic stems are relatively hard. It is better to have no fishline stems and cotton stems, but it is also a very good choice for girls with single eyelids or inner double eyelids because a harder stem can Eyelids are better supported, and the effect of styling is also better.