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Some tips for using false eyelashes

I believe that many people know how to dress themselves, because many girls love beauty, and beauty can be said to be the nature of girls. But there are many ways to make yourself more perfect and more attractive, so many girls can better decorate their makeup. Girls are better at dressing themselves. Nowadays, cosmetics are commonly used. Cosmetics can be used to better beautify the makeup, so there are many girls who can better use cosmetics. However, there are still many girls who don’t know how to choose cosmetics, and they need to pay more attention when choosing cosmetics. Otherwise, they will not be able to better show the effect of their own makeup. It is very harmful, so there are many girls who can better use cosmetics. In fact, there are a lot of skills in the use of cosmetics, otherwise it would not be better to show their unique beauty technology, so it is still necessary to better understand the common sense of makeup. When it comes to cosmetics, false eyelashes are also a type of cosmetics. The role of false eyelashes is also very large. False eyelashes can beautify the eyes better. Here are some tips for using false eyelashes.

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First, let's talk about the style of false eyelashes. The styles of false eyelashes are mainly divided into exaggerated European and American and sweet and cute Japanese. The characteristics of European and American false eyelashes are more concentrated, suitable for the contour of the eyes, or some girls who want to create a stage effect. Japanese false eyelashes are mainly produced in Taiwan. The effect is It is more natural and sweet, which is very suitable for oriental eyes.

In terms of price, expensive and cheap are not the only differences in quality. If you are careless, day-to-day cheap false eyelashes are more suitable for you; if you are a master of storage, expensive false eyelashes is also very worth investing. If you want to buy artistic eyelashes, then you must buy brand fake eyelashes. The effect is gorgeous and there is no cheap impression.

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In daily life, try to choose natural Japanese false eyelashes as much as possible, and when you are participating in some theme parties or grand dinners, you can consider some exaggerated and artistic European and American false eyelashes. The rhinestones are either feathered. Now some limited-edition false eyelashes can also be used as party decoration and as a collection. It is also possible to create some new looks with two different false eyelashes.

For beginners, it is mainly for the convenience of achieving a natural effect. Nowadays, it is better to use some false eyelashes of soft stems or transparent stems. They are mainly imitating natural eyelashes and sticking to the eyes. It will not leave too obvious traces. In terms of current color choices, it is recommended that Asian women use black or some dark coffee. These two colors are mainly used with Asian eyelashes. The colors are closer. If you only use false eyelashes in your daily makeup, then you also need to pay attention to avoid false eyelashes that are too long or too few, and it is best not to choose cross Type, otherwise it will make the eyes look very unnatural.

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Choosing a better maintenance method will also have a better effect on the false eyelashes. When you take it out of the box, you don't need to pinch the edges too hard to pull, you need to go in the direction of the eyelashes and use your fingers Take it out gently; when you remove it from the eyelid, you need to pinch the middle of the false eyelashes and pull it down suddenly, the action is sharp and sharp, and you should not pull down two or three hairs. Some used false eyelashes need to completely remove some of the adhesive above, neatly in the collection box. Note that it is best not to stick eyeshadow powder and mascara to false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain or damage the false eyelashes. Use some professional eye makeup remover to clean false eyelashes. Use a cotton pad to rub the false eyelashes, starting from the root and then from the front. The action must be light, otherwise it will not be better for recycling.