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Something about Eyebrow Extensions

Eyelash extensions is no longer strange for you, nor is it a fresh beauty items, but do you know eyebrow extensions? Recently the technology of eyebrow extensions which is similar to eyelash grafting is popular in foreign country. In your opinion, whether it is cost-effective? Will you choose this beauty item?

Damage of excessive eyebrow shaping

Because of the various eyebrows popular in different periods, as previously popular Japanese partial eyebrow, you may pull the eyebrows of tail a lot to pursue the trend. Such excessive eyebrow shaping may lead to slowly growth of eyebrows, or they may even stop growing if their hair are sparse. Remember not to remove the eyebrows!

How to graft eyebrows

Beauty technicians will use small tweezers to clamp fine artificial hair and paste them one by one in your eyebrows position by using the glue which is harmless to human skin. The effect is natural!

After about 2 and a half hours, the overall eyebrows looks plumper. And adjust the eyebrow shape to meet guests need to be neat and sharp, then beautiful and charming eyebrows are done!

After grafting eyebrows, they become thicker and more beautiful. It is known to us that the eyebrows play a top priority role in the overall facial features. With a thick eyebrow, it will make face bright even without makeup. After all, this is a recoverable project compared to eyebrow tattoo, so it owe lower risk than the other projects. Besides, you should find a large beauty clinic which can guarantee safety operation!