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Specific makeup tips and basic information about lashes

In today's society, eyelashes have attracted a lot of attention from women and men. So what have you really learned about it? Then let's take a closer look.

The lashes will grow under the eyelids. The upper eyelashes are short and curved, and the lower facelashes are short and small. When you close your eyes, the upper and lower eyelashes will not be intertwined because there are more centers in the upper and lower faces, and some eyelashes are turned upside down. Some people's eyelashes are turned downwards. The eyes of people who turn up are better. They turn down and cause the eyelashes to fall into the eyes. The eyelashes have a protective effect, protecting the eyes from ultraviolet rays and preventing them from coming outside. When the substance flies into the eye, it can also protect the cornea, which is referred to as the second line of defense of the eye.


Frequent application of Vaseline will make the eyelashes thicker to a certain extent, but the only drawback is that it is more susceptible to allergies. The same application of vitamin E can increase the lashes, but the amount will be some fat particles, and the fat particles are dense white pox. smallpox.

The specific make-up technique for eyelashes is mascara. At present, mascara is one of the most effective ways to increase eyelash growth. It can also enlarge the eye. The first thing is to use the tool that clips the eyelashes to clip the eyelashes. When the eyebrows are clipped, if there is no eyelashes. If you can clip it, you can use your hand to help the eyelids to pull up, then apply it. Start with the upper eyelashes, then the lower lashes. The upper eyelashes are first brushed horizontally, the lower eyelashes are brushed vertically, and the upper and lower eyelashes are repeatedly applied. Brush out the lines.


The nerves in the eyelash hair follicles are richer and more sensitive, which in turn triggers the reaction of the eyebrows.