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The Total Strategy of Brush Eyelash to Save the Eyelashes

How to post false eyelash and how to discharge?

False eyelash can be divided into artificial fiber or natural hair, the stem can be divided into three kinds of fish line stem, cotton stalk, plastic stem.

Cotton stalk: very soft, it is not easy to get up, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to bend and deform after tearing, so it is only used once.

Fish line stem: the advantage is that the effect of makeup is better, transparent invisible, and it is convenient to cut off a bundle of sticks. Its comfort is not as good as cotton stalk, but for a girl with a single eyelid and a double eyelid, it's definitely a blessing! Because a hard stem can hold the eyelid up, a second the single eyelid can change into double eyelid.

How to choose false eyelash with all sorts of eye shape?

Double eyelid - false eyelash of cotton stalk

Actually, double eyelid is the most envied by the princess, because make-up is really not picky, makeup is also very easy. I recommend you choose the false eyelash of cotton thread, the stem part of the cotton thread false eyelash is not easy to tilt up, and stick up also relatively invisibility.

Single eyelid - Fish line stem:

Single fold eyelid because it is easy to double, or the eyelid is thicker. If you use a cotton stalk, your eyes will be swallowed by the eyelids! So, if you choose a transparent stem, a plastic stalk, maybe you don't have the comfort of a cotton thread, but you can get a double eyelid, it's like natural makeup, combined with cosmetic techniques such as eyeliner, which can often magnify your eyes.

If your lashes are less or you want bigger, more powerful eyes, you can try false eyelashes.

In general, we affixed false eyelashes after painting eyeliner, clipping eyelashes, brushing Mascara, the effect will be better.

The basic stickup methods of false eyelashes

After your eye makeup (eyeshadow eyeliner) is finished, make the natural eyelash clip before putting on false eyelash. We use tweezers to remove false eyelashes to trim the length of our eyes, the eye head reserved 3 root lengths of false eyelashes, and avoided the condition of tie-in occurrence. Do not put false eyelash on the eyes directly, we should grasp false eyelash head tail and back to make a half ellipse curve, because the eyelid is radian, this can make false eyelash more dress up the eye type. We apply the appropriate amount of eyelash glue to apply to the eyelash stem, because the end of the head is easier to fall off when it is sticking, so we can increase the amount of glue slightly. Sticky eyelashes start from the center of the eye above the eye, and then the tail and head. The distance of three eyelashes is reserved for the eye head, in case of long time matching, the eyelash stem will be uncomfortable. Remember to stick to the root, so your eyes will be nature when they open! Glue eye head, eye tail, and then use tweezers to clip the root of the eyelash to adhere to the front part, use a little bit of force to pull to the eye head root and then fixed, it is also the same with eye tail. We can use the slight tension to allow the eyelash to support the eyelids, and the double eyelid will come out after the false eyelashes, which is the strength of the eyelash stalk and the tension of the tweezers. Brush the mascara from the root, do not brush the false eyelash, so that the root has a clear and light effect; An adequate amount of mascara to avoid excess. Finally, apply eyeliner to apply the gel marks of fake eyelashes to the color of eyeliner. If you want a more detailed eye line, the pen touch can be used to cover the marks of the mascara. Remember to look up at the end of the eye, and then the eyelash at the base of the eyelash will also be filled up, this will be more meticulous!

In addition, we can use the clip to strengthen the eyelash curler, so that genuine and false eyelashes can be fused together.

Cotton stalk

Fish line stem