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Teach you how to wear false eyelashes correctly

I believe that many female friends nowadays like the beauty makeup props false eyelashes. False eyelashes can not only beautify your eyes but also increase your eyes, adjust your eye shape and make your eyes look better. I believe that girls who love beauty know false eyelashes, but you will Is it worn correctly?

 false eyelashes
The eyebrows are drawn along the eyebrows, the lines of the eyebrows are more vivid, and the brows are softly smudged to give a three-dimensional effect. First, use the eyelash curler to clip the eyelashes out of the arc so as not to blend with the curvature of the false eyelashes. Be careful not to deform the eyelashes. Remove the false eyelashes, gently remove the glue from the roots of the false eyelashes, carefully pinch the ends of the eyelashes with both hands, measure according to the length of your eyes, then use special small scissors to trim the eyelashes and increase the ends. Cut off the connecting line, clip the false eyelashes with tweezers, and carefully apply the eyelash glue to the eyelashes with a special brush. The connecting lines on both sides are easy to lift, so apply some eyelash glue on the eyes and the end of the eyes.
 false eyelashes
Wait a few seconds, use a pair of false eyelashes with a pair of tweezers to fix the middle to the middle of the eyelids. It is recommended to use eyebrow tweezers and hand-binding, especially when you stick it yourself, you may not see your eyes clearly, and you can see it clearly with eyebrows. If you are wearing oily skin, there may be some problems. The oil will make the eyelashes not fix. Before using, use grease paper to clean the grease on the eyelids or apply a layer of transparent loose powder on the eyes. Don't worry after sticking your eyelashes, good things are always worth waiting for. If you just apply glue, you will be eager to apply eyelashes. False eyelashes will not stay where you want him to be. You can choose to wait for ten seconds, so the final effect will be very different.