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Ten tips for using false eyelashes

Many girls now pay attention to their image, because girls are currently pursuing perfection. With the improvement of living conditions now, girls have found their own ways to make themselves more beautiful. Almost every girl can make-up, because now makeup can be said to be the daily life of girls, and makeup can also make them more perfect, so now many girls are choosing makeup. According to the current increase in the production of cosmetics, more girls can find cosmetics suitable for them. Many girls now know how to use cosmetics, but whether they are used correctly, I think many girls do not understand , Because now there are more types of cosmetics, so I still hope to find my own cosmetics for makeup, so that the effect will be better. False eyelashes are also used nowadays. Many girls use false eyelashes now, because false eyelashes can better decorate people's eyes. Let me introduce the use of false eyelashes. Ten Tips.

false eyelashes

The first is correct trimming: false eyelashes are now a kind of "too short in hands and long in eyes", what people want to say now is the longest in the middle, and the sides need to be slightly shorter On the previous point, the general length ranges from 5 mm to 10 mm. Want to look more natural after wearing false eyelashes, the length should not be too exaggerated, and the width should also suit your eye shape. When you use false eyelashes, you first need to use tweezers to clamp your false eyelashes at the root of the eyelashes. If the false eyelashes are longer than your own eyes, you need to cut them to the same width as your eye shape. The tail of a false eyelash should not exceed its own eyelashes. Therefore, false eyelashes should be vacated by one-fourth of the eyes, otherwise it would be uncomfortable when closing the eyes.

Soften false eyelashes: Obtain: After a certain suitable length, the curved false eyelash stems appearing in a "C" shape, and need to be held for about 20 seconds. Some curved false eyelashes can completely fit our eyes. You must have encountered the case where the tail ends of false eyelashes are raised. That is not because the glue is not good, but because the false eyelash stems are too hard.

false eyelashes

Oil absorption: Grease can also make it difficult to fix your false eyelashes. If you have oily skin, some problems may occur when you wear it. So before you wear false eyelashes, you need to use oil-absorbing paper to clean up some oil on the eyelids, or apply a layer of transparent loose powder on your upper eyelid. Extra tip: If you want to use false eyelashes in a loop, then don't use oily makeup remover when you remove makeup, so as not to affect the second round of use.

Clip your own eyelashes: When you apply false eyelashes, you should first curl your eyelashes with curlers, and then apply some mascara, because the eyelashes on your body are not curled like false eyelashes. In order to better apply false eyelashes, the effect is natural and realistic, so now you also need to go to curl your own eyelashes before applying false eyelashes, and applying mascara now can also be more Good to help fix the curvature of the eyelashes.

Count to ten: When we are more anxious to put on false eyelashes, we should first tell ourselves that good things are worth waiting for. Waiting for ten seconds can make the glue sticky and make the final result very different. If you are in a hurry to apply false eyelashes immediately after applying the glue, the false eyelashes will also run around, and will not be fixed in the position where you want to stay.

false eyelashes

Looking down: Most of us also have our noses facing a mirror, and now we will think that the closer we look to the mirror, the clearer it is, right? Actually, this is wrong! Putting the mirror under your face is the right choice, so that you can see the best eyelashes.

To apply false eyelashes, you need to start from the middle point above the eyeball: Then use tweezers or some special false eyelash clips to clamp the center of the false eyelashes, and then stick to the middle root of the eyelids, which is also convenient for eye retention The proper distance between head and eyes. A distance of three eyelashes is now reserved for the eyes, mainly to prevent wearing for a long time, and the eyelash stems will be very uncomfortable until they poke to their eyes. Remember that you must stick to the root of your eyes, so your eyes will open more naturally!

Now I just need to use a little force to support my eyelash stem to the eyelids: stick the head of the eye and the end of the eye, use tweezers to pinch the eyelashes so that the root sticks to the front section, and use a little force to your own The root of the eye is pulled and then fixed, and the end of the eye is the same. It can use the slight tension to make the eyelashes support the eyelids better. This is why many people with inner doubles will also run out after wearing false eyelashes, which is when the support and adhesion of the eyelashes are needed. Pull the forceps slightly. In addition, eyelash curlers are now used to enhance the curling of eyelashes.