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The benefits of eyelashes extensions

The technology of eyelash extensions has been on the market for a long time. There are many women who choose to try. What are the reasons why these women are bold to try, what are the benefits of becoming beautiful eyelashes?

1, beautiful, the effect of eyelashes is more natural and more agile than the false eyelashes we usually use. Beauty eyelash technology is different from false eyelashes. When grafting, the eyelashes will use multiple layers and use different eyelash lengths to make the entire eyelash look more realistic and more energetic.

eyelash extensions

2, lasting, this technology can last longer. After making the cream cake, girls don't have to worry about how their eyelashes will be painted, especially in some formal occasions, to maintain a beautiful image.

3, save time, beauty eyelash extensions technology can help women save more time. Girls who often make up should have this kind of situation, get up early in the morning and get up early in the morning, go to work one day at night, and find their own time to remove makeup. Even if the eyes really don’t open, they have to remove makeup, but after doing beautiful eyelashes, save it. These steps.

eyelash extensions

4. Comfort, a good eyelash technique will keep woman's eyes in a comfortable state all day long. This is often the case with girls who often use false eyelashes. One day, she would feel that her eyelashes were not comfortable because her place where the eyelash extensions were attached was sealed. In contrast, American eyelash technology is very comfortable. The eyelashes are usually grafted at 0.5 mm of their own eyelashes, and the eyelashes themselves are not harmful.