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The difference between the eyelashes and the ordinary eyelashes

People's eyelashes are long and short. Some people have long, thick curled eyelashes. Close your eyes like small fan-like eyelashes, making your eyes look better. In some people, the eyelashes are naturally short and sparse and not curled up, so that their own good-looking eyes will lose a lot of colors. In order to modify the eyes, it shows a better effect. Pasting the mink lashes can brighten the eyes and make people look better.

mink lashes

Why choose the lashes of the bristles? Ordinary false eyelashes are synthetic and come in a variety of materials. Ordinary eyelashes are very easy to distinguish from the bristles because ordinary eyelashes are not as soft as real eyelashes, and the material should be slightly hard. It can be felt by touching the hand. Of course, it can be distinguished by eye observation. The curling is not natural enough, the natural eyelashes are very thin, and the color is not very deep. The mane mascara is closer to the real eyelashes, and it is even thicker than the ordinary lashes. It is not easy to fall off after the bristles are attached to the mascara. It does not need to be pasted twice. Many ordinary lashes will not last long after being pasted. It falls, so it needs to be pasted twice or even many times. In this way, it is natural that the eyelashes are better.

mink lashes

In fact, the initial learning to paste false eyelashes, choose ordinary eyelashes is good, affordable and convenient to practice. After the mating eyelash technique is mature, the high-quality eyelashes are selected to practice, such as the eyelashes of the bristles. After the lashes close to the real person are pasted, the real effect is not recognized by the person who pastes it. As far as the price is concerned, it is obvious that the mane is more expensive. Although the price of ordinary eyelashes is very low, it should not be used all the time. For a good paste effect, mink lashes are more ideal.