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The Differences between Eyelash Extensions Glues and False Eyelash Glues

It is believed that a lot of girls choose to the way of eyelash extension instead of gluing false eyelashes. So did you pay attention to the differences between eyelash extensions glues and false eyelash glues?

The adhesion of the eyelash extensions special glues is not effective if you use it for eyelash extensions. It usually can keep the false eyelashes on your eyes for 1-2days. But the glues for eyelash extensions can be kept for longer time like 2-8 weeks. And this kind of glues are attached to eyelashes, not eyelids, so it does no harm to the eyelashes.

When in the process of the eyelash extension, the eyelash technician always drips a drop of the glues in the glue pallet nearby. Then the eyelash technician immerses the individual eyelashes in the glues for an instant. Only by one drop of the glues can the individual eyelashes attach to the real eyelashes effectively. Of course, it is appropriate for the technician to use too much glues. They should pay attention to the quantity.
Generally speaking, the technicians usually choose thick and heavy eyelashes instead of the eyelashes which are at growth. The short and little eyelashes belong to growing eyelashes. Unless clients have fewer eyelashes or customers have agreed, the technicians will choose to extend eyelashes on their little eyelashes. Although the eyelashes grow up quickly in that way, the extended eyelashes will be further away from the root with the growth of the little eyelashes. So the extended eyelashes will be easy to become messy and volume!