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The eyelash vendors brings you some tips to make your eyelashes longer

How to make eyelashes grow fast and become dense? Long eyelashes will make your eyes look more beautiful. In addition to medical beauty, there are many ways to make eyelashes every day.

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The long eyelashes of the small wine nest are not only the moving melody in the lyrics but also one of the standards that most people think of beauty. How can people with long eyelashes and curls be very attractive? In fact, there are a lot of techniques to make your eyelashes grow longer. Today, eyelash vendors will discuss with you how to make your eyelashes longer and denser.

Applying vitamin E to the eyelashes makes the eyelashes longer and doesn't know what the little couple knows, but it's a simple, cost-effective way to save money. The use of vitamin E is not necessarily a very expensive health supplement, but the most common vitamin capsules that pharmacies buy are available. Apply a cotton swab to the roots of the eyelashes once a day. The eyelashes can be used for a long time in the morning and evening. It is worth noting that this method easily produces fat particles on the skin of the eye.

We know that olive oil has a high nutritional value. In addition to being able to eat, it also has the function of nourishing hair. In general, dyed hair will become shiny after applying olive oil, and this effect can also be used for eyelash growth. Not only does it not cause damage to the fat, but it also makes the eyelashes longer, darker, thicker, and a clean mascara tube with a brush head.

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The eyelash vendors remind you that when many people use eye cream, they inadvertently find that their eyelashes are getting longer. This is because when they apply eye cream, they just apply it to the skin at the base of the eyelashes. Some eye creams contain vitamin E, vitamin B5 and other nutrients to nourish and increase eyelashes during long-term use. You can apply a small amount of eye cream containing these nutrients to the skin at the root of the eyelashes. After a while, the eyelashes will grow longer.