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The growth cycle of eyelashes must go through three stages

Girls with thin eyelashes or shorter eyelashes will want the eyelashes to be thicker and look better. Want to know if your eyelashes are growing? Look at the eyelash growth cycle and use some small methods in the eyelash growth cycle to make your eyelashes long and dense.
Eyelashes, like hair, go through three phases: active cell division, growth stoppage, and shedding. If the eyelashes are damaged or overburdened, it will cause the eyelashes to lose their vitality in advance, prematurely fall off, and have longer eyelashes. First, extend the life of the eyelashes, that is, inject rich nutrients into the eyelashes.

1. Vaseline coating can be used to moisturize the skin. It can also make the eyelashes grow, thicken and harden, and extend the life of the eyelashes to some extent. It is recommended to use it every night, apply a proper amount of Vaseline with a cotton swab, and then gently brush it on the eyelashes. Do not brush along the roots of the eyelashes to avoid irritating the eyes and increase the burden on the eyes.
2. the skin care effect of vitamin E has been affirmed by the majority of businesses and professionals, many women also benefited. But in addition to moisturizing effect, it can also help eyelash growth. Vitamin E is nutritious, so you don't need to apply too much to avoid the production of fat granules. Also in the application, avoid the roots of the eyelashes and eyelids.
3. Olive oil is known as a universal skin care product. It can be used not only for food but also for skin care and increasing the length of the eyelashes. The multivitamins and minerals contained in olive oil promote the regrowth of eyelashes.
Use before going to bed, apply all the daily skin care, apply hot olive oil directly on the eyelashes. Olive oil is heated to about 37 degrees to maximize its effect.