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The History of False Eyelashes

Don't tell me that you don't want to have a pair of thick, slender, slightly curled eyelashes, to change yourself into a goddess like Eva Green or a little fairy like supermodel Sasha Pivovarova and jewel, and Taylor Hill also has beautiful eyelashes.

However, not all people can get natural eyelashes; or, even if the eyelashes are already in good condition, you have one thousand reasons to disregard it.

Therefore, from ancient times to now, women have made much effort and suffered quite a lot in making eyelashes longer and more beautiful. The beauty is such a mixture of happiness and pain.


In nineteenth Century, the pursue for the long eyelash is really prevailing. In 1879, James D.McCabs had mentioned a way in his book to increase eyelashes by cutting eyelashes. (this method may still work now. My friend, whose eyelash is cut by her mother when she was little, became a beneficiary for her abnormally curly eyelashes after growing up. In other beauty books, such as Baronne Staffe's "My Lady’s Dressing Room " in1892, the using of RFA is also a good way to promote the growth of eyelashes.

However, it may be that the growth speed of eyelashes is too slow to satisfy the needs of women for beauty. So in 1882, as Henry Labouchere reported in the truth Society - women in Paris were able to embellish their eyelashes by stitching their hair into their eyelids without an anesthetic. This is probably the predecessor of eyelash grafting.

Of course, not everyone can accept this kind of method of eyelash grafting ( I definitely won’t accept that ) that can be described as cruel. Thanks to human wisdom, we can always come up with solutions. In 1902, the famous German inventor Charles Nessler, also known as Karl Nessler, applied for the patent of man-made artificial eyelashes in Britain. Since then, Canadian Anna Taylor applied for the patent of false eyelash in the US in 1911. As a result, the modern false eyelash is officially born.

There is an interesting story about false eyelashes, it says that director D.W.Griffith, when filming Intolerance, imagined the actress "with a pair of eyelashes that could sweep the cheeks, and that could make her eyes blazed hundreds of times more than in reality." In the end, the group found the local wig designer and asked them to weave the ideal false eyelashes with the real hair and gave it to the actress.


In the 20s, the fashionable girls were extremely persistent in shaping the big dull eyes.
Eyeliner is not the most important thing in the 20s eye makeup. Especially when compared with today's rising eyeliner drawing method. People at that time tended to draw a pair of "innocent drooping eyeliner" and slightly shape the eye through the eyeliner.

The eyelash is absolutely the protagonist. The emergence of mascara brought a new craze, even if it was not a mascara by today’s standards. But there was no way to prevent girls from continuing to enhance the visual proportion of their eyelashes in the overall makeup.


At the same time, with a large area of dark smoky makeup without a trace of white to enhance the deep sense of the eye, Cupid arrow shape red lips which was smaller than the original lip shape, round blush, clean and meticulously depicted and cleanly shaved narrow eyebrows and porcelain white base makeup.


In fact, in this era, there are three general kinds of makeup, "the classical, the mod, the hippy". The most widely known is the the mod. I believe that everyone is familiar with Twiggy. Nothing is more attractive than big eye doll makeup. Like Twiggy, there is another model named London Look, Jean Shirmpton who also defined this symbolic makeup. To create such eye makeup, you need to use a single plant to make the false eyelashes carefully "seed" in the upper and lower eyelids, and deliberately make it with a cluster of relatively distinct texture and supplement with the eye line. The depiction of the eye fold and the halo dyeing are also the key points.


Because mainstream tended to be healthy beauty, and it pursued bronze skin and natural and glossy makeup. Therefore, on the basis of the continuation of the false eyelashes in 60s, the false eyelashes with more natural shapes will be chosen, and that was relatively daily, and the reference significance for Asians was also larger.
The eye shadow with metallic luster and bright color is the best choice to match this makeup.


Nowadays there are many wonderful emulates.

For example, Lisa Eldridge, a famous British makeup artist, has created a very nice 60s makeup for LULUMagazine. At the same time, there are detailed tutorials for Twiggy makeup on her YouTube channel.

Of course, with the constant changes in fashion, modelling, aesthetic, beauty appliance and technology, using false eyelashes to create the make-up of a more modern and even full of the sense of future is not a few.

In fact, every period has its beautiful place for the use of false eyelashes. Now it seems that the makeup with a sense of 20s may be too heavy. But from a certain point of view, the relatively smoky, but not lose makeup feel. It will be charming to match it with the fashionable and luxurious, cocktail dress that is popular at the time.
With regard to false eyelashes, I think it is appropriate to cite an advertisement slogan "lashes should look and feel like yours" to describe it. The one which is most appropriate to yourself may look dull on other people's faces.