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The Process of Eyelash Extension

1.Prepare tools: The needed tools and product are prepared by the beautician, and the tools that will be used in individual eyelash extension have been disinfected to ensure the hygienic safety of the tools.

2. Clean: Clean and dry the eyelashes. Ensure that the lashes are clean by eyelash primer or eyelash extension cleanser, so as not to affect the adhesiveness of subsequent grafting.

3. Isolation: Get appropriate isolation film (medical tape, eye mask and eye sticker, etc) to separate the upper and lower lashes to prevent from the eyelashes jumbling together and gluing the lower eyelid during the operation.

4. Straighten: Use eyelashes comb or tweezers to straighten the eyelashes on by one, so as to make it easier for the grafted eyelashes to stick to the original ones.

5. Choose: We can choose suitable eyelashes in different materials according to the length of the eyelashes. And put they on the water table (which can also be a soft pad or a clean non-woven fabric).

6. Graft: Shake the glue which will be used and squeeze some of it to the table. Use tweezers to clip the ends of the eyelashes and put 2/3 of the ends into the glue, and then gently pull them out. The glued eyelashes should be sticken on the side of the true eyelashes, keeping a distance of 0.5-- 1mm from the skin. Each eyelash should be grafted to a true eyelash with the same radian. And 2/3 of a true eyelash will stick to the grated one. A grafted eyelash should keep a distance from the next eyelash to be grafted to avoid adhesion.

7. Dry: Use small fan or air blower to dry the eyelashes for 5-10 minutes until it is comfortable to open eyes.

8. Detection: After grafting, use mascara brush to clear and detect the adhesion. The fallen eyelashes are supposed to be grafted again.

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