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The Process of Making Eyelash Box

The production process for the custom eyelash packaging mainly has three kinds: printing, UV, and stamping. Apart from that, you can open the skylight and use special paper to make the eyelash packaging look more delicate.

The printing for false eyelash packaging is divided into 4 color printing and spot color printing. Compared with 4 color printing, the spot color printing is more delicate, but the suggestion is that the color of the box is no more than two kinds.

UV also known as thermography, is used to give a printed image a raised up glossy appearance that originally developed to mimic the look and feel of engraving. It has become a wonderful creative tool for using in designing packagings. It can be both glossy appearance with the same color as the ink used and transparent gloss texture without color by using clear ink.

Hot Stamping is an extremely popular application for decorating packagings. It will have a metal like sheen and comesin a number of shades, including gold, silver, bronze and copper etc.

For the "open form" eyelash packaging box, the so-called "open window", it is to use die cutting indentation technology to make the position of the paper box pre-designed to be empty.When processing, the edge of the window should be clean, the knife interface should be reasonably arranged, and the position of the blade should not affect the opening effect, and consider the strength and the processing of the carton after the opening of the window, there should be sufficient distance between open windows and polylines or the edges of the box.

On top of that, special paper is a paper that uses different fibers to be copied and made into special functions. For example, the use of fiber decomposition, decomposition of pulp or mixed wood pulp and other raw materials, with different materials to stop modification or processing, then give the paper different functions and uses, as long as the paper is used for special purposes, all collectively referred to as specialty paper. The paper box shows the characteristics and environmental protection of the box. Special paper is widely used in private label custom eyelash packaging, printing industry, and etc.

Special paper has pearl paper, imitation paper, PVC imitation paper, binding cloth, decorative paper, gold and silver paper, tactile paper, and so on.

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