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The types of false eyelashes on the market

Usually, there are two types of false eyelashes on the market according to the stalks.

1.Cotton band false eyelashes

This kind of false eyelashes are rather soft, which is convenient for girls to wear. But, this kind of eyelashes is less durable than clear band, but they are more comfortable.

2.Clear band false eyelashes

Today, the majority of people like eyelashes which are made of clear band on the market, since they have moderate harness. The merits of clear lash band lashes are durable and good shape. What's more, they are not so much apparent.

Based on the form, there are also two types.

1. The false eyelashes that stretch the eye tail

This kind of enhancement or lengthening false eyelashes is suitable for those girls whose eyes are round. It can stretch in transverse direction, which makes the eyes look not so round. Besides, eyes are a bit high, which means the eye end is above much more than the corner of the eyes. You seem to be more fierce and strict with this kind of eyes. Thus, you had better choose the false eyelashes that stretch eye tails to have a sagging effect of yours, which helps expressions in your eyes much more tender. So the eyes that are high should avoid picking up the enhancement false eyelashes of the eye end.

If you are bottom eyes, which means your eye end is much lower than the corner of the eyes, you can select the type with enhancement false eyelashes of the eye end. But you should be cautious to those whose eye end are too long. Supposing that they surpass the eye width, it will stress the sagging feeling. The best eye width of false eyelashes is similar to your own eyes.

2.Intermediate encryption or extension of false eyelashes

Girls with slender eyes have not select the false eyelashes with extension of eye tails, for they will make your eyes appear longer.