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There are 4 common false eyelashes in the eyelashes wholesale.

Now false eyelashes have become an indispensable tool for cosmetics. When you put on false eyelashes, do you feel particularly troublesome? How can I stick fake eyelashes, or sometimes it is easy to fall off? If you are worried, let us see how people who make up today apply fake eyelashes. How to stick false eyelashes? Now let's take a look at the four common false eyelash stickers so that you can use them easily no matter which fake eyelashes you wear in the future.

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Eye-tailed false eyelashes, eyelashes wholesale if you think that the single-fold false eyelashes are too time-consuming to paste, and you want to add smoky eyes, you can use this segmented false eyelashes on the outside of the corners of the eyes to achieve this effect. Although their effects are similar, the structure of the eye and the full row of false eyelashes are similar, just a little shorter. Gently bend the eyelashes along the original curvature of the eyelashes so that they stick to the eyelids like eyelashes.

For complete false eyelashes, the entire row of false eyelashes should be applied to the entire eyelash. Cut them to the appropriate length before pasting. If the false eyelashes are too long, you can use scissors directly to reduce the extra eyelashes. When everything is ready, apply the mascara to the bottom of the false eyelashes. Press the corner of the eye from the middle of the eyelashes. It must be noted that the false eyelashes should not be too close to the inner corner of the eye, otherwise it may cause irritation. If the first attempt fails, try applying a little mascara to the eyelids in the wrong place, then place the false eyelashes on it.
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Multi-layer false eyelashes for eyelashes wholesale, for example, for weddings or dances, exaggerated false eyelashes are always more dramatic. If you want to create a double effect, you can also add a layer to the root of the first layer of false eyelashes. This requires a lot of practice, and the more you paste, the closer it is to perfection. If you want two sets of false eyelashes to be one, you should curl with the eyelash curler and apply mascara.