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There are many techniques for decorating your own eyelashes

At present, many girls will choose a cosmetic that suits them. the role of cosmetics is to beautify the facial makeup of girls, which can make girls more refined. So the use of cosmetics makes girls feel very good, and many girls will choose cosmetics that are suitable for them. There are many types and brands of cosmetics, and many people will make their own personalized makeup. Makeup is also very important. As for choosing makeup that is suitable for you alive, you can do better makeup. There are many types of makeup processes, otherwise, many girls will choose at present. Learn the whole process of makeup, so that you can have more ways to make up your own makeup, and it can be better when you make up. Eyelashes are more important for girls. eyelashes are better for girls to decorate their eyes. If the eyelashes become longer, their eyes will become brighter and the eyelashes will become brighter. It is long and curled up. At present, many girls will go through special methods to make their eyelashes longer. There are many ways. Many girls have learned these methods. At present, many girls do not know how to better decorate their eyelashes. In fact, it is relatively simple and there are many methods. Everyone can learn about it, and I will tell you how to better decorate your eyelashes.


At present, there are many ways to decorate the eyelashes, and they can be divided into several types: applying false eyelashes, applying mascara, using eyelash clips, etc. At present, these methods can better decorate themselves. The eyelashes make your eyelashes longer and curled up. If you learn these methods, you can better decorate your eyelashes. Let me tell you.

The first thing to say is sticking false eyelashes: this is a powerful way to increase the look of your eyes or change your eye shape. Especially when used in combination with the double eyelids after adhesion, the effect can be better. In today's life beauty makeup, it is necessary to pay attention to the length and density of false eyelashes, and also need to be moderate. Too long or too dense can cause false feelings. Sticky eyelashes will also be more suitable for weddings and parties or dance, photography and other occasions.


The next thing to say is to apply mascara: mascara is a paste with black, brown, blue, green, and gray colors. Most of the time, black is usually used. It can make your lashes darker and thicker. This will also make you look more slender, and you can better increase the brightness of your eyes. When brushing, first unscrew the long tube of mascara, then pull out the brush, and apply it slightly in the small mouth of the pen barrel, leaving the brush with a proper amount of cream.

How to use: After closing your eyes, slowly brush on the eyelashes from the inside out, then open your eyes wide, brush from the bottom and then upwards, all the way to the long tip of your eyelashes. In this case, the eyes should be looking up, stay as still as possible, you need to rely on the wrist to rotate and then apply eyelashes. The lower mascara brush is indifferent. If you want to brush, you must be careful. Do not apply the cream to your face.


The next thing to say is the use of eyelash clips: eyelash clips are a powerful tool to beautify your eyes. Not only is it small and flexible, but it also has a great effect. It can be used to flatten or grow down eyelash curlers, and it can also increase the look and charm of your eyes. After you apply the mascara, you can use it with a lash curler to get a beautiful curve. This effect is also ideal.

Operation method: First, you need to open the eyelash curler with your middle finger or thumb, and then press the upper end of the clip against your upper eyelid, so that the root of the eyelashes can fall into the middle of your own clip. Then close it slowly and try to pinch your eyelids first. If it is suitable, then it also needs to be clamped, and then released and clamped, and clamped and then released. This can be done several times. If you feel that your eyelashes are too upturned, you can move forward slightly, and then try again and again until you are satisfied.