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There are several ways to make your eyelashes longer.

A pair of powerful big eyes can make the whole face beautiful and the length of the eyelashes can visually enlarge your eyes! So how do you make your eyelashes longer? This will give you a few small ways to crush, I hope to help you.

1. Use liquid protein.The Liquid protein belongs to a kind of food. We suggest that the girls can apply it every day before going to bed. After a period of time, they will find that their eyelashes are really long.


2. Use olive oil. You can take out one olive oil granule (non-edible type), then use a toothpick to make a small mouth, then use a lipstick brush to smear the olive oil and apply it carefully. This method can be used in the morning and evening.

3. Use Usma grass. Uzma grass is called “the food of eyelashes” by Uighurs, which shows its important role in eyelash growth. This kind of grass only grows in Xinjiang! Now many manufacturers have begun to extract the essence from it.

4. Use Vaseline. Apply Vaseline gently to the roots of the eyelashes, especially where the eyelash growth is sparse. Use it in the morning and evening to help prevent eyelashes from breaking.


Beware of putting Vaseline into your eyes. If you accidentally wipe it in, please rinse it with water quickly, and even go to the hospital for medical treatment;